Staff Morale... how is it?

well … just peachy :frowning:

My moral metre … think the Marianas Trench is about the only thing lower at the moment

That depends on what level you look at.

Across the RAF AC and certainly Region as a whole I think quite low, within certain smaller formations it’s quite high but on a knife edge due to HQAC lack of policy updates and being a very very busy period.




I agree with @bob1 - it’s all a dependency on where you sit and also who sits with you! You can be on the biggest unit with no support and feel at rock bottom or be on the smallest unit and by flying high! It’s all very situational…

I hope something changes to improve your morale though if you are feeling in a bad place right now!

Peaks and troughs for me. Some fantastic stuff and some terrible.

I have noticed people getting more and more concerned with money though. Permanent staff denying mileage claims, no money for repairs, for badges etc.

Seems strange that having escaped for so long it’s only now we’re feeling the bite.

On my unit, high. As a sector, reasonably good. On individual training teams, good within the confines of that team and area.

Across the wing… a mix of excitement and trepidation.

As soon as anyone looks to the slightly larger bubble outside of their bubble (shooting situation, FT changes, TOPL, policy, wider provisions, RHQ, HQAC…) then that’s when things start to slide. Most I know are happy in their little bubbles, but all the other stuff going on gets them down if they think about too much of it for too long.

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Morale is high when I think of what the cadets are doing and achieving, low when I think of the difference in workload between the paid staff and the volunteers on my unit.

Myself, meh? I’m doing a role I’ve never been shown how to do properly and as a new junior officer, I feel I could be doing way better.

As a unit, also meh. Could be better, could be worse. Low numbers, not very enthusiastic cadets who I struggle to get to do most activities. Staff wise we are trying, but have had several barriers in our way and a building barely standing.

Still we come down every parade night and try our best. We are slowly getting there, but often it feels like one step forwards and two back.


How can they if the journey was legit. Easy option withdraw support and see what happens.

Knowing that ee is in my wing i can only add that mine is lower.

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Lowest it has ever been for me anyway.
Constant bashing of head against brick wall to get anything done. There are a few of us in the Wing working our backsides off, attending pretty much every activity to ensure it goes ahead, while a good number of staff never attend anything off Sqn unless it suits them, but they’re happy to send their Cadets to every activity for us to look after.
Most of us ‘active’ staff are dual hatting as OCs and Wing SME’s…DofE, Radio, Fieldcraft etc etc, completely aware that we’re probably not doing either job amazingly well as a result but with a huge staff shortage, it’s the best we can do, as if we dropped either hat then that hat would cease as a result.
I even sent an email out to the Wing the other night and had more than one automated response informing me that “the Sqn is now closed for Summer, we will return on 23 August and emails will only be checked weekly”. Amazing - how much are their Cadets missing out on as a result?!

Do I see it improving? Not anytime soon. We’re loosing staff far quicker than we’re recruiting and a crisis point is looming as we can’t keep up this level of workload.


Oh don’t worry, that’s already started. Especially where people want to use my sqn equipment to support the wing.


In short, a solid average.

The long version, seeing the cadets experience things that they’d never dream of doing, achieving, growing into decent members of society keeps me going.

Bureaucracy, expecting more out of CFAVs with less equipment, time & money. Generally negative personalities thinking they’re better, willing to throw you under the bus to make themselves look better is what gets me down.

But yet I keep returning!

Forgot to mention…longtime lurker, first time poster!


Not just you matey, I was expected to do a couple of roles without training or knowledge. I soon said it wasn’t for me.

I struggled quite often when I was new and super enthusiastic! Now I just don’t bother to offer suggestions cos I’ve yet to get a ‘Sounds good, go do that’ instead of ‘no I don’t want us doing that cos another Sqn does it’

Our Sqn too! I don’t have the license to drive our minibus or I’d be out every week taking cadets to places. Instead we have cadets missing out on things :expressionless:

I dread the day we lose any staff. The last few years I’ve seen the motivation in staff dwindle and the amount of forms and paperwork with a dash of red tape increase is getting silly. So it’s only time before our staff take a week off here, then a month and finally ‘what was that staff members name, you know they used to always be here’ :neutral_face:


Very Mixed

At a local level on my unit incredibly high, I’ve got a great staff team who are all friends, who socialise together and have a great laugh delivering things for our Cadets.

In my area of Wing as an SME, also high, I get an even bigger buzz out my area of expertise and get to work with like minded individuals including some of my oldest friends.

Dealing with some others on the Wing who make things harder than they need to be, who like to micro manage their little empires for reasons known only to themselves, in this area I’m less happy.


For me - mixed.

As previous, seeing a few of the quieter cadets gain confidence and then others realise that they are actually funny and interesting people - uplifting.

Stuff around paperwork, shooting, FT etc. - yup, head banging bad.

It seems to be across the whole organization - jobs at Wing, Region and HQAC are suddenly up for grabs.



My units morals are pretty low as well on occasion.

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