Staff First Aid requirements for parade nights and events

Hi again,

Would anyone be able to point me at the ACP and chapter which details staff first aid requirements please?

Basically two questions:

  1. Does a staff member need a current first aid certificte just to attend Sqn parade nights? If so which? [and does this apply to over 18 Cadets too?]

  2. Does a staff member need a first aid qualifiction to assist wirh AT, specifically Nijmegen marches as a staff member in a team alongside four other staff [first aid qualified] and some Cadets [he or she is not leading the team] ? If so which? [and does this apply to over 18 Cadets too?]

Thank you

ACTO 8 might be able to help you with your first point.

ACTO 008

All staff need to hold a minimum of Heartstart Qualifications to maintain currency as CFAV.

I believe the question around O18 cadets has been asked, but as First Aid is a core activity it’s highly likely that cadets will hold some level of First Aid.


Thank you.



When I search Sharepoint for ‘ACTO 008’ why oh why is it the 61st item to show up!?@$*

Because sharepoint is unfit for purpose


You are better off just navigating to the key documents and looking for the ACTO section on the left.

Sharepoint is perfectly fit for purpose, what they need to do is train people better.


if it doesn’t provide a usable search function then it’s not fit for purpose.

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But the search should be better shouldn’t it? Either TG21/23 forms or accts4 are listed incorrectly in the index, so that when you search for the name in the index, it falls over and finally reveals the correct document pages and pages later!

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I would probably point out that using the search to find documents that are in the key documents area which is clearly marked and easily accessible is probably slower than just browsing where you want to go anyway.

They’re doing their best to make it as simple as possible.


Go back to 1996 and stop Google before the world changes.


Waiting for the paper versions of updates to make their way down through the CoC; getting held up by a week at every stage :shushing_face:

Unless, like the OP, you don’t know what document title you need - just the information you need to find…


I think you missed the point, people were searching for the document name and then complaining about the search.

I understand if you don’t know the info you want then search will help.

You should be able to put in this case ACTO 008 and in the first two listed should be ACTO 008 and not umpteen emails, letters etc etc that someone has put within sharepoint.
I don’t think that using the key documents is the answer really, you should be able to search for a file using a partial term and within the limited ATC world get the result easily.

Oh yes please. At least with the paper updates there wasn’t constant tinkering and fiddling with things every other by people looking to ensure a job.


But it isn’t letters and emails, it’s other documents that aren’t the required one. 60 of them, try it!

Anyway, panic over, CI in question now CAN go to Nijmegen Marches without AFA.

I still haven’t found the various first Air requirements for running different events. Anyone? Is there a list?

Thank you all so far.

Yes, I do search for a document. If I want accts4 I search for it. I have found the drop down box (almost impossible to hit with my fat finger in my phone) but even then… Is it camps, is it travel, is it forms??

i dont know of a list.

the expectation is EVERY CFAV has a first aid “qualification” be this FAAW, Expedition First Aid, or simple Heartstart…

the specifics for each event are almost case by case.
the RAFAC expects all AT quals to be matched with a suitable first aid qual (FAAW and/or expedition)
while an annual camp could have 7x staff all with heartstart.

AT is the only event/activity i know that requires a predetermined first aid qualification that is more than Heartstart…for everything else we do the expectation that everyone is Heartstart trained is sufficient.

(i don’t even think Shooting, which requires a dedicated “first aider” specifically indicates what the minimum requirement is - it is based on your RAM being approved by the WgShootOff or other who decides if your first aid cover is sufficient > in all honesty with shooting it is either going to be minor injury (grazed knee/elbow following a trip, or it is going to be a major incident so either well within the realms of a sticking plaster or well outside anyone’s first aid qualification where 999 is the only option)

Cadet Training - Ranges specifies the minimum First Aid qualification required… in addition, Range Orders could specify a higher requirement if the range is remote from help etc.

i stand corrected.

so there you go, shooting and AT requires a minimum…

Also fieldcraft (unless solely on Sqn).
Deployed exercises need AFTIs in ratio 1:10 (day) 1:8 (night). AFTI qual can’t be exercised unless you have AFA (or higher) ergo Fieldcraft needs AFA!