Staff cadets and the FMT600

Interesting. I wonder who came up with that lie then.


Much like any of the random nonsense in the organisation, someone who finds it easier to say no because they can’t find the right answer in the policy.


Thread necromancy time!

Has anyone had a staff cadet with an FMT600 since then? With DG and needing that for MyDrive, does that mean staff cadets cannot get FMT600s? Or can staff cadets get DG?

My MT won’t even re authenticate my driving quals as I have “no evidence” that I drive those class of vehicles. Both aircraft tractor (which I can instruct and assess on) as well as my B category vehicles. Which i have a real life driving license on.

So if you can get a staff cadet with a 600, I’ll be mega impressed.

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What if i told you i have aircraft tractor on my fmt600


I’d be marginally impressed.
And then ask if you want the B210 Auth for vehicle movement vehicle operator?

Are they being a pain in the backside?

Have you met MT before?


Nope fairly normal. Mr Emz has also had to speak to MT as vehicles were vanishing off his quals, no evidence apparently that he can drive a car, wonder how he gets to work every day then? They took off something else that was used regularly but left a HGV on it, you can’t make it up!
I’m sure it’s keeping someone in a job somewhere :roll_eyes:

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I was just gonna wind you up that a scout kn a blue suit could have got it

At least they’ve given you a reason.

When switching to My drive everything was getting rejected, but neither me nor the WExO have managed to get any response from them about why and what I need to do to fix it.

I’ve had to submit (100% legitimate and in no way made up) AUDs to ensure I’ve signed the vehicles out…

Yup the last couple of annual camps I did were because I had the D1 on my licence and I was employed pretty much exclusively as a driver - whilst outranking all the other staff :slight_smile: