Staff Cadets and Medals

On this forum there are a lot of threads to do with medals, and it seems that some people say that the 2 years of staff cadet service count towards a medal. Even though I’m not wanting to be a staff cadet and staff member just to get a medal it would be good to know what the criteria is for one.

If you do 12 years as a uniformed CFAV and have less than a 6 month break between ageing out at 20 and entering uniform again, you can then use the post 18 years old service in the 12 years

… followed by an aggregated 10 year’s uniformed service.

No medals for being a cadet.


Change of rule a few months back removed the time limit.

All uniform service post 18 is now aggregated.

Ahh yeah my bad… In old world

Actually based on that… does anyone know if its possible to get my old O18 cadet time (pre SMS circa 2008) updated on my current profile?

Or how else do ‘they’ track it?

My understanding is they cant.

One of my staff wanted this.
Couldnt be done.

Or so said a perm.

I think as long as you put the dates in the form it should go through OK.

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