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When I finish my CCF career (and hopefully subsequently my civilian life). Would it be reasonable for me to transfer to an atc in London and transfer any ranks I may have at the end of my CCF career.

You may wish to rephrase this it makes you sound suicidal!

As for transfer of rank, depends on your CCF and your OC. My local CCF are rubbish so if they had an NCO who wanted to come across I would be very sceptical they would be at the standard of my NCO’s.

However near my last unit the CCF was first rate and I would bite their hand off for an NCO.

You can transfer your PTS badges and other qualifications (though bear in mind the ATC senior requires 3 exams on Ultilearn rather than 1 we require for advanced training). Transferring rank will depend entirely on the receiving CO, just like an ATC-ATC transfer would. 99% of squadrons would welcome you to transfer.

Well I’ve done all 10 so that shouldn’t be an issue

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Why would you want to stay as a cadet/transfer to do more of the same when you age out of CCF when you could put the skills and character you have developed as a cadet to work in the adult world? Join the UAS (if you’re going to Uni), join the reserves, join the ACF as an adult instructor (18+), or do something completely different!

Probably a bad time to try that - aren’t they trialling over 18 cadets atm?

Because I’ve really enjoyed the cadets and I believe I still have more to do, which is why I’m not going to uni and going into the RAF

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Join the RAF and after training become a service instructor

Can I do that around other regular RAF roles?

When you join the RAF you are expected to have secondary role and this can contribute towards it

Not that you get any recognition for it :rofl::rofl:

(not the point I know)

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