Staff Cadet transfer to new unit

Hey, I’m a cadet sergeant currently on a squadron I’ve been at since I was 12! I turn 18 soon (and have completed almost all of the staff cadet induction process already) and have a job offer to start in October in an area quite far away from where I live right now, so I am shortly going to have to move a fair distance for it (2 wings away from my current one). I’m hoping to continue my time in the RAFAC, and I know there are at least 2 ATC sqns in the area I’m moving to and a couple in neighbouring areas.
Has anyone had any cadets transfer away so late in their cadet career, or had any cadets transfer to them? My main concern is potentially coming in as a completely new SNCO to a unit and area completely foreign to me and having to build relationships with an entirely new set of cadets and staff. I also don’t know for sure which unit is best for me, as one doesn’t seem to post anything on social media to gauge the type of stuff they get up to. I might need to sit down with their OCs at some point to discuss things, what they are looking for (I have some good skills like Gold Cyber, MAC and MOI among others I can bring to a unit) and what their unit is all about, to try and decide which one fits best for me. Ultimately though I can only transfer to one unit so, I know many of you are OCs, would you be offended if a potential transfer cadet like me rejected your sqn for another nearby?
Also, does anyone know if there any reasons why a sqn/OC might reject my transfer application, how I go about transferring (I presume sitting down with my current OC to begin with?) or anything else about transferring at 18 that might be relevant?

Thanks in advance

We’ve had a few in recent memory that have done it for university reasons. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no reason that an OC willing to let you stay post-18 wouldn’t sign off on a transfer to a unit OOA - they’re losing you either way!

Chatting to your current OC is the first step, explain what’s happening, that you’re planning to speak to a couple of units and haven’t decided which is better yet, and ask if they’ve be happy to sign the transfer form once you’ve decided.

The alternative is the request lands in their inbox and suddenly it makes sense why they haven’t seen you for 3 weeks! Not a great look.

First requirement is a chat with your new OC about expectations, role, boundaries, etc. Sometimes units have a pretty arbitrary demotion system for transferees which is sometimes temporary, sometimes related to existing numbers, and sometimes… just because. Right or wrong it’s worth being aware of the possibility.

Second, get to know the NCOs - who does what, how does the team work, what boundaries do they have with their cadets, what roles and specialisms are held, where can you fit in and support without treading on toes.

That’s not to say that you can’t still be yourself and come with different ideas and ways of working, but the key is in how you present them and/or use them to complement or build upon/improve what is already happening. It’s not “newcomer ripping up the rulebook” stuff.

Worry about knowing and building rapport with the cadets after (you can of course talk to them and being distant and cold-shouldery is a bum move, but don’t prioritise “getting in with them” before the NCOs - you work with the NCOs, you lead the cadets so the working relationship is needed as a foundation for the leading aspect). You probably will have to interact and take action before then, but don’t sweat it. If you’ve been up front with them about your expectations and been friendly about it in whatever introduction time you manage to get you shouldn’t have too much of a problem - again, it’s not bull in a china shop time but just setting rules.

No. I can’t miss what I never had. Maybe the other unit parades at better days/times or is better for travel. Maybe we do a lot of AT and Fieldcraft and the other unit has a winning drill team and a band. Maybe the other unit needed the support more and there was therefore a bigger challenge that the cadet fancied.

Personally, I haven’t seen a Staff Cadet transfer but I also dont see why not. You have significant skills to offer, particularly gold cyber.

They also probably wont get upset if you choose the other sqn, focus on how it feels to you in person. Besides, I’m sure both would benefit from any course you would run. I agree you should speak with your OC about it, will probably have more insight than myself. Good luck!

I need to improve on this…

Be friendly, open, and honest with the cadets answering whatever questions and asking them questions - you will have opportunities to begin building rapport with the cadets - and step up as an NCO as you see fit when the need arises.

What I mean is don’t ignore or delay getting to know the NCOs better in favour of the cadets. Something you can do is after you do get all Sergeant-y the first couple of times, talk to one of the NCOs particularly if one was there and get their opinion on what went down and if they were happy with you stepping in.

If they disagree with how you handled it, hash out why and be open to different approaches and culture than you’re used to, but if you still think you were right then justify it, respect differences, and put it aside as differing boundaries (which you hopefully already explained to the cadets!). If you can influence them to see your side, then maybe that’s the start of putting your stamp on things and raising standards. I am, of course, assuming you’re not a completely neurotic despot of an NCO.