Staff Cadet to Uniformed Staff

I am seeking to be enlightened with the knowledge of if you can go straight from staff cadet to uniformed staff member, weather SNCO or Officer?

I’ve just gone recently from cadet to staff SNCO it’s defiantly possible to do either route, is there anything specific you’d like to know?

Yes, preferably I’d go straight to officer. I have heard that you have to do some course, is this the Initial Officer Training Course from the RAF or different?

To get a commission you need to attend OASC for a shortened version of the regular OASC and includes and interview, planning ex, leadership exercises (currently due Covid replaced with an interview with the Regional Commandant but should be reinstated soon).

If that is passed you would be commissioned as an Acting Pilot Officer and within 12 months you would attend the five day long Officer Initial Course at Cranwell (this is presently delivered virtually but will return to F2F in the next few weeks), to confirm your commission and become a Pilot Officer.

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So do I just submit some form to someone and start the process? Or do I need to be recommended/selected?

It’s not that simple and there are slight variances wing to wing.
You need to have this chat with your OC when you reach about 19 years old

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OASC has been shortened for regulars too.

They are planning on keeping Region Boards for the foreseeable. No return date to OASC planned as of yet. (Source: RC LASER’s Sharepoint Announcement 09/08/21)

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Some wings/region will want you to attend a Pre-Uniformed Staff Course to prepare you for the process as well. Other than that its a butt-load of forms and interviews with WSO, Wg Cdr and then RC. But as @AlexCorbin has said, you need to speak with your OC first once you hit 19 and they will be able to kick things off.

If you pass, you’ll be appointed effective your 20th Birthday as A/Plt Off and then need to attend OIC at RAFAC TA within 12 months.




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