Staff cadet rumours

Do these rumours on social media have any basis? If so what’s actually gonna happen?

(I know they are controversial so please avoid any opinions about the meme-pages).

Which rumours are you on about? There are many!

There was some info in the weekly brief about an update coming this month

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Review output will be communicated in the Summer

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They also announced an announcement was going to be released last September, then didn’t even acknowledge that it was delayed.

@acdt there are a lot of ideas and hypotheses that have been flying around for many years - even more so recently. We don’t know exactly what is happening, but it is an area that has been known to definitely be under scrutiny for change for a while.

There are a number of other threads such as The Role of a Staff Cadet and the Upper Age Limit which I think is the most recently used to discuss the topic, but others can be found using the search function.