Staff Cadet Roles

So I am wanting to becoming a staff cadet, and in a few months times I’ll need to go through the paperwork and interview and stuff. And my OC who knows I want to be a staff cadet said I need to have an appointed role on the squadron and that I need to do something meaningful. I thought I could do a Drill Instructors course and be the squadron appointed DI and try to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Does anyone have any other ideas? And is my idea valid as can a staff cadet be a DI?

Are you currently an NCO? If you are that’s probably a good start to being kept on as a Staff Cadet. You don’t need an official role per say but you do need to be contributing to the Sqn training really. Usually I’d expect my Staff Cadets to be an NCO or have a qual like MOI or AFA or something.

Staff Cadets can’t be DIs. Only staff NCOs.

This right here is spot on! So long as you are actively contributing, that should be fine!

Although this is true I know some wings that run decent weekend courses to help cadet NCOs teach drill. If @Mystic123 has been on something like that it would look good towards the staff cadet application.

But really, as I said above, so long as you are now giving back to the organisation you should be okay. So you teach the first class cadets at the squadron for example? Are you an SNCO who mentors the new JNCOs? So those sort of things are great!

Also you said you need to start the paperwork in a few months; when are you actually 18? If you’re already 17.5 you want to be starting the paperwork ASAP!

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If their CO has different criteria, then this is irrelevant! CO wants them to have a defined role, for whatever reason the CO has, so that’s what we go with. Doesn’t matter if the CO is technically wrong.

So, OP, what roles are available on your sqn? What’s not being fulfilled by the existing staff and staff cadets?


So I am an NCO and the mayors cadet and my mayors cadet appointment will carry over to my staff cadet life which he said both help my case. But for a specific role to fill I can only think of things like teaching first class.

If that’s not enough then your OC is a something…

Speak to your OC about the skills and interests you have and the “roles” that they feel need specific assignment. Sounds like if you don’t they might actually turn around and say “nah don’t need that”.

As for the application, yes, at least BPSS and DBS needs to be in asap once you’re 17.5. The rest moves a little quicker.

Have you done AVIP yet?

Have you started on ACTO99 training requirements?

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Currently I’m 17 years and 3 months old, I did get the Staff Cadet applications forms off cadet portal and sent them in but the boss said I have to wait till 17.5 years before the process can start. So I have’t done anything yet.

The guidance is indeed start at 17.5, but no real reason they can’t start at 17 and 3, or indeed 17 and 9 if you’re happy taking the risk that you might get suspended while the paperwork is processed.

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My theory behind starting early was that everything is delayed due to corona virus which I put in the email to him, but the OC said that even if he sent the paperwork off Wing wouldn’t do anything with it till I’m 17.5, so he has got a point.

They would. They’d lose it.

At least you’re making sure you’re ahead of the game, but don’t underestimate the requirements and how long it will take to get through them.

First recommendation is get hold of ACTO99 and smash through the mandatory learning for staff cadet.

Not quite the DI course is for CFAVs you could attend a Cadet Drill Course, if your wing runs them.

MOI is usually a big tick for staff cadet service


My two penny worth…

Becoming a staff cadet, as has been mentioned before, is your chance to give back something…

Your OC is probably waiting for you to show some initiative too - and let YOU work out what YOU could do for the squadron…

Presumably you w been at your squadron for some time and must be aware of gaps in the delivery of certain subjects….

If by some miracle, every aspect IS being covered, then the next step would be to consider, which do you think could be done better…. Is it become the staff I/c needs a hand…

Is there a member of staff who has an existing role, but is keen to be doing something else…?

Is there a member of staff frost you know the cadets don’t respond well too…?

Not everything is obvious - so perhaps go and speak to either other Staff Cadets or your Warrant Officer / Squxeon Adjutant… while there’s a need for initiative, there’s also a justification for asking the staff what would make THEIR life easier…

From a staff point of view, they will want to see that you can take initiative and be resourceful, but will also want to see that you can do something that is going to benefit the unit.

If you’re still stuck - write a list of EVERY activity you’ve been involved in, or heard about via cadets - then work out from those, what you could deliver in unit.

Beware of age restrictions - but you could factor this in to your own training plan of what training YOU require to develop your own skill set.

For instance - how about putting in for the RMTL, Road Marching Team Leader’s course.

There’s a big push at the moment to get more cadets and staff involved.

You don’t need to do the course with a view to taking a team to Cosford or Nijmegen, but you could organise training walks that would enable your cadets to attain their Blue RM Badge…

Or, how about becoming responsible for finding opportunities for fund raising - such as contacting the organisers of local events that might need support staff for car parking etc…

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So I’ve come up with three roles,

1: Squadron Drill Instructor - Even though I can’t do an official course I still think I’ll be able to teach drill to an acceptable standered.

2: Squadron Radio Officer - At my squadron we have radios and a base station so will be able to teach radios and do exercises. I do have a bronze radio badge so this will help.

3: Squadron Technology Officer - This would be fixing/improving/installing tech on the squadron like the flight Sim and stuff.

So are these good suggestions?

all sound good. yeah. get yourself on a Silver Radio course when one next comes up.

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Speak to your Wg radio officer. With their approval you will be able to assess Bronze once you have done Silver (you might need to be seen delivering a lesson or carrying out an assessment - the process can vary from wing to wing). The qualification carries over if you stay on as an adult volunteer.

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