Staff Cadet Commissioning Query

Just had my 19th so thinking of beginning the CFC process shortly. I’m aware of other staff for whom it’s taken well over a year to get through the whole process, so this seems a sensible timeframe to me - after all they say 6 months just for Staff Cadets…

My main question is that as far as I know, the date of the regional board is the day your one year countdown to attend CLS for CIC begins. If, by some miracle, my paperwork gets through the system speedily and my regional board occurs a couple months before my 20th, would this mean I de facto have a shorter time window to attend CLS? Or would the one year only actually begin on my 20th birthday when my appointment as APO comes into effect?Particularly conscious of other staff members struggling to get bits of uniform from parent stores too, so would rather have a longer time window to get this and any other matters sorted.

I understand that I can do my wing board and region board at 19, only becoming an APO on my 20th birthday much like how you can attend a CWO board at 17. However I am slightly concerned whether this will leave me with less time/flexibility for scheduling my CIC.

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As far as I read it, you must attend CIC within your 12 month probationary period. That 12 month period surely doesn’t start until you actually turn 20. Therefore you should have the full 12 months.

It’s also worth saying the 12 month rule isn’t a hard line in the sand. If you have a reasonable excuse as to why it’s taken longer than 12 months, then that would be looked at.

Good luck!


Yeah get it done by 21 youll be fine…


The one year rule to go to CLS or whatever they call it this week.


The above is above is about right. It’s designed to stop moochers and coasters not bothering; those with good enough reasons are let off.

Not been because you couldn’t be bothered or get yourself in order? Here’s your bin - single occupancy - for getting in.

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IMO it depends on whether you are working or a student. If a student you might struggle to get a Cranwell course during the vacations.

I did one of the last Officer only courses, timeframe wise I put in my application for commission last May, Wing board in July, Regional Board in September and OIC end of October. If you actively show interest to follow up without being overeager you can progress quickly.

Amazes me how a willing volunteer would be looked on negatively for chasing something that’s a service to the RAFAC. :rofl: Would’ve thought they want to get everyone’s paperwork through ASAP without needing to be chased.

Yeah was difficult how to phrase that :joy: Suppose its the difference between a polite call/e-mail to confirm they have everything vs being too challenging/ringing every day for an update

Calling WHQ every week for 3 months would be an annoyance and reflect negatively on your character. Especially if you sound like a condescending muppet while doing so.

The 12 months to complete CIC will be from the date your appointment is confirmed by RAFAC HQ following Regional Board. As others have said, a flexible approach is usually adopted. With the move to mixed CFC/SNCO CIC courses they are filling up fast. All CIC courses up until October are currently at full capacity so you may have to wait a few months following appointment to get on one.


The move to RC interviews rather than OASC seems to have helped. When I went through it was standard to have to wait more than 6 months after the Wing board to get to OASC - mine was about 8 months IIRC.

Would want to make the civil servants look bad now, would we?

Only way to do it in these parts…

Perm staff are pretty good, anything WSO led is dire…