Staff cadet authority

I need outside opinions on a situation at my squadron. We have a few cadet sergeants, 2 in particular that I’ll talk about. One is a staff cadet and one is not. The one who is not has been a sgt for longer and is on the road to fs. The one who is a staff cadet, often says he is in charge and has more authority. He feels that him being older gives him the authority.
For example, one parade night, the younger sgt was taking final parade and the staff cadet came out and insisted on taking over as he is a staff cadet and is better.

I am unsure wether he actually has more authority or not.

So my views on this…

Both are Sgts…they have zero authority over one another. Time served counts for something but there is no seniority until the Staff Cadet Sgt is put in charge of an event at which point his Staff Cadet status would enable him to be the authority on that event.

Similarly if i was training Officers in a field im a SME in, as the activity lead and a SME as a WO, i would be deemed as the authority over the Officers of that event. Once its finished its back to just being a minion.

It sounds very much like that Staff Cadet has let his Staff Cadet status go to his head and needs to be reminded to get back in his box. Staff Cadet is a status of being a legal adult and ability to be put in charge of activities. Not a position of rank


Staff Cadet Sgt needs putting back in his box.


They both have the same authority as one another, just because one sgt is legally an adult it doesn’t mean he’s more senior than the other.

If I was that sergeant who wasn’t a staff cadet I’d be having words with my OC as it’s just not on.

It’s not on, but I’d suggest going to the sqn (adult) SNCO in the first instance, rather than straight to the OC.

(Unless there isn’t a sqn SNCO)

Yeah I was basing it off my sqn where we don’t have any SNCOs my bad. I’d amend OC to “any available uniformed staff’” or something.

Thankyou everyone, I thought this was the case so I’ll suggest going to staff and getting it sorted.

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