Staff Cadet AT Qualifications


Just looking for some advice, I’ve had a look on sharepoint at a couple of bits and pieces but thought i’d tap in to the vast amount of knowledge that can be found on here :wink:

Due to Covid and other commitments I’m only just getting round to to starting this venture, basically I’m approx 6 months away from aging out and transitioning to CFAV. Looking to get the ball rolling with getting involved in AT courses and gaining some quals that would let me get the Squadron out and about doing some AT and get involved in the wing. Mainly looking at climbing/watersports to begin with as loved doing them as a cadet. Where do I start? What courses are available? Etc

Any advice would be appreciated!!

Your unit staff should be able to provide a list of the Adventure Training courses delivered by our National Air Cadet AT Centres or if you have SharePoint access you can locate these yourself. Staff Cadets are eligible to attend. Depending on your location, your Wing/Region may also offer courses. There’s everything from logbook experience building days to advanced NGB instructor quals on offer. You’d then fill in an AT Form 1 for your chosen course and pass this to your OC for endorsement who will send to your WATTO for approval. You will need AFA or similar to exercise any qualification. Most instructor/leader quals require registration and membership with the relevant governing body Mountain Training UK etc

If you haven’t done so already, reach out to your WATTO and ask if you can support/observe at any relevant activities for personal development and pre/post qualification mentoring.

As an AT Instructor you need to be on the annual Regional/Wing AT Instructor Register. This involves maintaining currency by exercising the qual to a minimum level over the previous 5 years, having a valid first aid certificate and undertaking some CPD units.

I’ve attached the 2023 course listings but not included dates for security reasons. You can find the full document with pre course requirements on SharePoint.