Staff cadet access to sharepoint?

Just wondering whether or not staff cadets are permitted access to the share point.

For a few months perhaps a year ago, I remember being able to view the documents in the training hub, which was a lifesaver in terms of being able to prepare for instructing classification training. Since then, I’ve had to rely on staff to pull up the online courses using their log in details, or, if none are available, be forced to use outdated PowerPoints that don’t tie in with the Learn exams.

If we are allowed access, how might I go about gaining it?


The simple answer to this is yes. Staff cadets should be able to access SharePoint using the squadron generic email as the login, I think.

I know there were some changes when personal accounts came out. But AFAIK there is still a way for them to have access. Speak to your Squadron staff to get the password. The username will be, where 1234 is your unit number.

However I think your post more widely points to the ongoing issue where cadets don’t have easy access to training resources. This is a subject that keeps coming up, but seems to be ignored by those at the top as ‘a feature not a bug’. ie, it’s on purpose.

In my opinion all cadets should have access to all the training resources. Worst case scenario a cadet spends hours at home reading the PowerPoints. And I mean, if that’s what they want to do then let them crack on!


Completely agree. Cadets have enough death by PowerPoint at school as it is and I don’t want them to feel like coming to cadets is a chore. The option should at least be there for the more eager ones to self study so that they can earn their classification badges.

Thanks, will follow this up with my staff.

Just a note, as per the Bader SyOps, anyone accessing Sharepoint has to have completed the Responsible for Information training course, available on Learn

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As staff cadets complete all the mandatory training that staff do, they will have completed RFI.
The idea is they are staff in training, so need full access to Bader in order to learn their role. My staff cadets plan and run activities, so also have sms accounts.

I do agree that wider access is needed to the training resources. Not all instructor cadets are staff cadets, so makes life very difficult. We end up downloading stuff on to usb sticks for them generally, but this then requires checking to make sure it’s up to date. Like others, I’ve raised it several times, but no one cares :woman_shrugging:t3: