Staff and cadet

I have been interested in becoming a CFAV in the SCC (due to me being old enough and having an interest in boating however still preferring the aviation side)

I understand in ACP20 it says you can be part of different cadet forces however how would work with being a staff member in one, and a cadet in the RAFAC

What is it about the Sea Cadet Corps that attracts you to them as well as the RAFAC? The RAFAC can take part in sailing and indeed we send a good many cadets on TS Loyalist and similar every year.

As you are over 18 you are a Staff Cadet and therefore should be treated as ‘staff’ by your squadron. When you age out of RAFAC at the age of 20 where will your loyalties lie, to RAFAC or SCC?

It is nowhere near a core activity though. Other cadet organisations can just be a better fit to a person’s real passions.

As for the original question, I cannot see anything in JSP814 which would preclude a staff cadet in the ATC also serving as a CFAV in the SCC. Separately, CFAVs and Cadets can be members of more than one CF at the same time if the commanding officers are aware and agree. At the very minimum I would expect that to apply to general membership of two CFs if a cadet in one and a CFAV in the other. Personally, I do not see it being a conflict either, and may actually be good personal development.

I expect the HQs of the 2 organisations to panic about it though.

RAFAC is keen to retain cadets to become staff…
18 year old cadet wants to become staff and is considering going elsewhere because they will take them at 18 whereas our half-way system doesn’t quite.
If this isn’t a perfect example on the side of all those of us who’ve said “Make them proper staff at 18” then I don’t know what is.

I’ll tell you where I can see this going…
Cadet becomes SCC CFAV as well as ATC cadet.
SCC immediately treat them like an adult and start them off on their training. He or she enjoys the role and responsibility and finds excitement in new challenges. Starts working towards recognised qualifications.
We’ll assume that the cadet continues with the ATC as well alongside the SCC. They turn 20 and are confronted by the option of becoming a RAFAC CFAV as well… By which time he or she will be two years into the SCC, having completed their initial training and probably a substantive PO. The workload of being a CFAV in two organisations at the same time is likely unworkable so they stick with the one they’ve most invested in - the SCC.
He or she has a great time as a SCC CFAV and the RAFAC have missed a trick.

In my honest opinion if you do both Staff Cadet in the ATC and Staff in the SCC.

You will quickly tire of the ATC in the half way house “staff cadet” role. In the SCC you will be treated as a proper staff member (because thats what you are) in the ATC you are treated as a cadet who conveniently can become part of supervising staff when needed and then treated like a child the rest of the time.

I know what i would rather do in your shoes.

I’ve worked a fair bit with the SCC over the years. I like working with them.
In general I find them to be far more professional than us. Their staff are better trained, the bar is set higher for instructional qualifications and the added promotion requirements mean that when you are dealing with CPOs and WOs they are people who know what they’re doing and have worked hard to get there.
But they don’t take themselves too seriously. In précis I find that they are better at being smart and proper when it’s required and they are better at being relaxed when it’s appropriate.
I wouldn’t be at all surprised to lose potential staff to them.