Stable Belts

Are cadets allowed to wear the old style of stable belt with the double leather buckle?


and some characters

Yes indeedy. Blue band uppermost, leather buckles on the left hip and the resulting position of the chrome loop is irrelevant.



Also, just in case it was you, I’d advise against posting very similar questions on FB groups and on here at the same time - someone may make the connection. It could well have been a coincidence, in which case ignore this.
Just remember this forum is rarely viewed favourably by those in the ivory towers

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I’d also suggest you are more likely to get a correct answer here than on FB - at least you are more likely to be able to find it amongst all the trolling and misinformation :wink:


It wasn’t but thanks :joy:

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I would say so, in line with both RAF (AP 1358) and ACO (AP 1358C) Dress and Appearance Regulations, the stable belt is an optional item, so no one can mandate its purchase and wearing. Both the new version and the original (not old) style are on sale. The CAS himself favours the original style, as do a fair amount of personnel. So what is good for the top man, is good for anyone.

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Thanks a lot for your help :pray:

I wear my original pattern belt and work on the principle of asking forgiveness rather than seeking permission.

Ah thanks for the advice