Stable belts in no.2?

Are stable belts allowed with no.2 (light blue) dress? I was told by an NCO at the sqn that it’s not allowed however I’m just checking here.

It is permitted in the dress regs, but some squadrons discourage it or limit it to Cadet NCOs/staff

As it is a private purchase item, I’d say that is fair enough, there are other things to spend money on.


If the No 2A (light blue, long sleeves) is being worn as routine working dress, then stable belts may be worn by any person, at their own discretion.

However, cadets often only wear No 2A for formal occasions such as a parades. On those formal occasions ‘standard dress’ is usually ordered - which means that optional items such as stable belts are not permitted. This does generate confusion where people just associate ‘light blue’ with ‘no stable belts’, without actually understanding the reasons and the regulations.

As WestlandScout also says, some Sqns make up their own rules and limit the wearing of stable belts to NCOs only. Those sqns are wrong and every good Wg WO will be trying hard to kick that nonsense to the curb and to get those Sqns to follow the regulations.


My sqn has one no.2 uniform a month (not for a parade or inspection or anything) and it hasn’t been clearly mentioned by any staff member that stable belts are not allowed with no.2s. I only got told by an NCO. If a member of uniformed staff tells me I’m not allowed to wear one then I’ll bring a normal belt with me instead and change it to that one. It’s the same with the sunflower lanyard I wear. Only the CWO has asked me about it and said to not wear it on parades etc. but no member of ranked staff has asked me what it is or to take it off.

As indicated by others the book.saysbthe only time not eorn is when part of a formal* parade

*what some class as a “formal” parade is up for debate; personally i wouldn’t count COs parade/inspection but would include Remembrance and BoB parades

Whereas for me if I’m doing a planned inspection I would expect uniformity for the period of the inspection, once that’s done wear what you want within the regs, but for the actual inspection it would be all with or all without.