Stable belt regs

Right so I’m a normal cadet on my unit, in all of the uniform regs and everything I’ve looked at I should be able to wear a Stable belt but our squadron rule is, stupidly, NCOs only. Which takes precedence, corps regs or Sqn standing orders ?


Regs say anyone can wear them

This is a “rule” that a few Sqns implemented (Shouldnt be). Regs should be followed by all however as a normal cadet you confronting your oc around it will result you probably being told to do one. Just pick your battles

However I would encourage you to point it out.

Approach your CO and say something along the lines of “Sir, I was checking my understanding of something in AP1358C and noticed that it says all can wear Stable Belts. Am I able to wear one?” You never know what the answer will be. If no, atleast you show one of the qualities that a NCO needs to have, an understanding of where to find drill and dress regulations.


20yrs ago I don’t know what the regs were but on my Sqn only nco’s were able to wear belts. We allow cadets to wear them alongside nco’s if they wish. Speak to your adult CI’s and work the current regs up the totem pole (CoC)

Any cadets that come to me with a question I will look it up and ask our adult WO who is often in the know so he’d be the first port of call if I didn’t know.

Corps regs rather than local orders, but how you get that done is the issue.

I’d approach your Sqn RAFAC SNCO if you have one, or your CO, and ask the question with AP1358C as a reference.

If you still have no luck you can contact your WWO who I’m sure would be able/willing to assist?

We had a similar situation to this on my squadron about 8 months ago. It was always only NCOs could wear stable belts and nobody really questioned it until one of our cadets who wanted to wear one as he had already bought one, read through ACP1358C and started to bring it up with the cdt ncos. He was just shuffled up the chain of command and then the OC (its a small squadron with only two uniformed staff). The OC decided as ACP1358C doesn’t say anything against cadets wearing them that anybody can wear them now. So I’d say bring it up casually with a staff member or with your OC because theoretically there’s not really much of a reason for them to say no, but either way respect their decision.

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For correctly interpreting the regulations and permitting the optional item to be worn as intended?

My bad - mis read what he said


I think that the key thing here is to remember that you’re technically right, but just to pick your battles and go about it the right way.

On the sqn that i recently retired from as The Sqn WO every intake after a 16 wk training period had a formal passing out parade and was presented with a stable belt to be worn with Wedgewood blues but it was their own choice if they wanted to wear them in working dress absolutely no Problems as every cadet had a stable belt that

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get presented with a stable belt! your sqn has far too much expendable cash


In fairness, he says each intake is presented with a belt. That could be one belt for 20 cadets!:rofl:

If you’ve got the money, why not?

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It seems that half your post is missing… I’m guessing there was going to be a question in there.

Its a belt for every cadet

That’s a long belt. Do you get the cadets to stand in single file and run it round them or do they form a circle? :wink:


even longer belt required now with social distancing.

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Or a Sqn WO with long, sticky fingers…

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