SSES Callsign GB80ATC

Something which will interest those of you full amateur radio licence holders.

C&E RCO has the notice of variation to give access to the use of callsign GB80ATC to any CFAV who have a full UK amateur radio licence.

As we’re in the pandemic wold, Ofcom are allowing the use of Special Event Callsigns from any location. If you hold a full licence, and want to use this callsign, contact your WRCO and if they have no clue maybe just contact C&E RCO direct.

The callsign has been listed on qrz for more info.

80 Years since of the formation of the Air Training Corps (ATC), nowerdays we are known as the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC)

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I missed that. Oh dear :grimacing::grimacing:

Well sort of… the RAFAC is the umbrella organisation that handles the CCF and ATC. So although we have a lot of things that point to the RAFAC, the ATC is still there.

I had to check if that was how they’d actually spelled “nowadays”, and now I wish I hadn’t because JPEG LOGOS.

Lack of PNG GMG.