Squadron / Wing Custom Printed Calendar

Does anybody have an idea of how we stand as a charity if we were to custom make calendars and sell them on, for the “Profit” to be reinvested in other Squadron/ Wing Activities?

The cost for 100 calendars would be £160.00 and if resold for £5.00 would make Sqn/Wing £340 which isn’t too bad and undercuts a lot of other calendars on the market.

It could also be run as a competition to get your Photo featured in the calendar.

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Same as any sale I suppose - no licences, etc needed for selling as calendar as far as I know!

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We did our own ones a few years ago and sold them for sqn funds.

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Be careful with using photographs and copyright. You can land yourself with a very big fine if you use a photo with out the owners permission.

Also as a charity you do not make a profit,you make a surplus and the surplus is then reinvested in the charity. Simples.

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Thats what i was hoping for.

The intention is to get Cadets from across the wing to submit their own images whilst on activities and have people vote for the best 12/13 on the website / Facebook generates interest in it and gives the cadets something to aim for. Whilst generating funds for Wings or Squadrons

We went on a spree throughout the year previous taking lots of photos of just our cadets doing things, so we didn’t potentially upset anyone else.
It was a task with the photos and had mixed reception which is why we haven’t repeated it. We did it on an order basis so only printed what we needed, we looked ta getting a load printed externally but were nervous that if they didn’t sell, they were just going in the bin. Luckily work didn’t find out!!! The only cost we had was some nice paper.

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That’s why I’m hoping to do it at Wing Level, access to far more people with the possibility to buy them.

And using Cadets from all Sqn’s within the wing to generate the pictures and to vote for them

The only potential sticking point I can think of is that photographs taken on duty are automatically Crown Copyright.
I’ve no idea if this would be considered fair usage because the funds are going back into the organisation…
Or whether anyone would pursue it if not.

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I suppose it depends what is meant as duty.
It would be pretty poor if it was challenged by anyone looking to make something of it.
We are tasked with fundraising to keep squadrons going. Couldn’t give a monkey’s about Wing and up.

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Anything at any time which in any way is in conjunction with the RAFAC.

Yes, it would.

Out of curiosity got a website for those printers?

Given that the originators of the work are the ones getting the proceeds, I can’t imagine any issues there. It would basically be the government suing itself. The main thing is that if you have identifiable pictures of people then you need their permission for the photograph to be used for that purpose. By “identifiable” I mean that someone who knows them can identify them. You not knowing them doesn’t count.

Pictures without identifiable persons in them can be released under the Open Government Licence and can be used commercially anyway.

I’ve looked around, these seem good quality without over the top prices


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