Squadron 'To do' list

Long story short, is there a policy/document/list of all the mandatory things that a squadron needs to be doing/displaying? Kind of like an ACTO 99, but for the unit as a whole.

I’m thinking there’s so many things, defined in various different policies that a unit should have/do that a single list somewhere must exist, and if not, it’s time to make one! I think a lot of what I’m thinking of will come down to H&S/Fire. But even that is spread out all over the place really. I’m thinking of stuff like the following:

  • Fire drill records
  • RAs up to date
  • Various things on notice boards that need to be up to date
  • Extended Squadron Footprint etc all signed off and sorted
  • Cadets 3822s up to date
  • List of cadets reaching 18 in the next year
  • Fire alarm checks
  • Staff role chart

There’s a lot of thigs I’m brain farting over and missing. I guess in terms of H&S stuff the WSO routine inspection form is a good starting point. But there’s so much more that I am just failing to think of right now.

Essentially, if you were to stand up a new squadron, what would need to be done from square one to be ‘compliant’. Does such a document or policy exist that covers all of this?


I suspect a lot of this exists in the head of the adj or OC.

So a good place to start could be the TORs for both roles.

Pulling this together into a single document or checklist would be really useful though.


TORs are a good shout for this! Thanks.

To be honest by the time you write such a list, yoube written a 3 part book on ‘how to run a sqn’.

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By the time you’ve written this, 376 IBNs have been issued


I think you and @Multirole are probably both correct. I also really think such a document would be very useful. Especially if you’re a new OC/Adj to use as a checklist to make sure the previous person was keeping on top of everything!

Security standing orders made every 6 months
Building and surrounds risk assessment every year
Fire alarm check every week
Evacuation drill every quarter(?)
Monthly h&s check of the building and reporting all the faults you find
Chase cadets for subscription payments usually monthly
A&A check every night
Civcom report writing/prep - every quarter but maybe sooner
Sending hard copy post off - every week (ish)
Yearly RA reviews
H&S Arrangement statement review yearly

That’s all I have for now but I’ll add to it

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I think you should have said


I’ve got an Excel spreadsheet with most of the things an OC needs to do on it together with automatic date tracking. It’s just been updated so periodicities should be correct. Happy to share, just pm me.

I think I read that this is now quarterly? Came out as part of the fire regs change.

Maybe? I haven’t read that document properly yet.

As a result of the requirement to provide the HoE with Fire Safety Assurance information the Fire Safety element of the Squadron HS&EP Assurance Check (Form HSEP 009) has been removed and the periodicity of the Squadron HS&EP Assurance Check has been extended to a quarterly (3 monthly) requirement.

It’s in the IBN, not the new suggested record document. It’s good that they’ve actually thought about this, and removed* the fire safety stuff from the current form as it’s being done else where now.

*it hasn’t actually been removed yet as the current HSEP 009 on Sharepoint hasn’t been updated…


And it’s only the fire safety bits, the other 85% still needs to be done monthly.

You sure? That’s not what the IBN that I quoted above says.

and the periodicity of the Squadron HS&EP Assurance Check has been extended to a quarterly (3 monthly) requirement.

I’ll double check with my wing bod, but they came for the h&s not-an-inspection inspection a few weeks ago and definitely seemed to suggest it was just the fire bits that had changed.

That would be defeating the point entirely

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Fire bits are monthly and removed from the previous monthly check, making the remainder quarterly.

That was my skim read takeaway

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There used to be a guide for CCF(RAF) Section Commanders, pretty much exactly like this. I was recently involved in an attempt to rewrite. The problem is, you’re chasing a moving target…

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That would be very useful

Try asking your TEST officer what happened to it. Sadly I suspect it will end up a casualty of the ASTRA process as it will have to be rewritten again.

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