Squadron recruitment

As its September recruitment time, i thought i would ask, what do others put in packs to hand out to prospective cadets/parents or guardians and what sort of things to you do, have going on during the open sessions? Just curious :thinking:

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For potential new recruits who have decided they might join , we tend to put a welcome letter from the OC, one from the Chairman, a uniform sizing form, 3822A to complete, a gift aid form to create, a leaflet with QR codes for our social media platforms, an upcoming events/diary for the next couple of months and a form detailing who to make the standing order out to for subs :slight_smile:

We have an open evening where cadets and parents come along, we talk to them both about “what cadets is”, then the potential new recruits go with NCOs for some ice breakers, and we talk to the parents about more serious stuff like welfare, costs, subs, etc


A great many open evenings this week and probably next will be having to be postponed due to the period of National Mourning having led to a RAFAC pause in activity.

We also add in enrolment forms for DofE

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