Squadron made ID cards

Notification on Sharepoint about Squadron’s not making their own ID cards…come on, own up!

I’m wondering the benefit of a squadron made ID card - surely it could only really be used on Sqn and even then shouldn’t people know who the staff are?

Oh wow, they were probably cheesed off that they looked better than the ones issued out :joy:

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After reading the announcement I am unsure whether the home made ID cards were the serious incident or got found out as a result of an incident.

This got me thinking

Blockquote Under no circumstances are any members or units of the RAF Air Cadets to produce their own ID cards.

HQAC are now making ID cards for CIs. I will get my coat…

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No they don’t … they place an order for an ID card with Cranwell Graphics.

We very briefly considered making our own before the CI Cards were introduced as a local arrangement with the MGS who guard the ARC our unit is on.

Ultimately we didn’t go through with it but there we go.

these are not “ID Cards” - says so on the back.
they are membership cards…

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I wonder if I should order one for the wife.

Powers that be still haven’t actioned her CI application after 2 years. I wonder which will come first…

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They need to be careful… A quote from the Identity Documents Act 2010!!

1)It is an offence for a person (“P”) with an improper intention to have in P’s possession or under P’s control—

(a)an identity document that is false and that P knows or believes to be false,

(b)an identity document that was improperly obtained and that P knows or believes to have been improperly obtained, or

©an identity document that relates to someone else.

(2)Each of the following is an improper intention—

(a)the intention of using the document for establishing personal information about P;

(b)the intention of allowing or inducing another to use it for establishing, ascertaining or verifying personal information about P or anyone else.


(4)A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable, on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or a fine (or both).

The problem being?

It’s not an officially sanctioned ID card, therefore if used in an attempt to confirm identity, it may fall foul of the act!
If they are membership cards and just say that the holder is a member of xxx Sqn, then they wouldn’t fit the act. But they would just be a bit of bling as the 3822 is the formal ID document and, therefore, they would be like a blunt pencil… pointless!

A slight misunderstanding I think.

The Identity Documents Act 2010 was introduced to repeal the Identity Cards Act 2006.
That is, it relates to the cancelling of plans for Government issued ID cards for everyone; and the destruction of cards already issued and related information already held on the National Identity Register.

Nothing in the act relates to “ID documents” issued within an organisation, nor does anything in the provision you’ve quoted make it an offense to use such an ID card to confirm the identity of a person holding it.


You are correct that the main purpose of the act was to remove the legislation put in place for ID cards. But the 2006 act had a similar section as to the one I quoted, to deal with the unlawful use of ID cards. The above section was included to ensure that the offence continued. It has been very well used and I am aware of people being charged and convicted of carrying “fake” ID cards. I’m not saying that this card would cause the person who carries it problems, I’m just saying people need to be careful!

The problem is down to initiative and the fact squadrons are able to do these things with little or no trouble and the combined intelligence and initiative skulking in the corners at HQAC find something so simple, so bloody difficult.

I’d bet someone’s visited or more likely a piccie on SM that has been picked up remotely and someone wanting to ingratiate themselves with HQAC has passed it on.

Whoever it is well done. :+1:

But the definitions within the act (sections 7, 8, & 9) are very clear.
The act relates only to an “Identity document” defined as: an immigration document, passport, document that can be used instead of a passport [such as a national identity card for example], or a driving licence.

“Improperly obtained” means that false, i.e. incorrect or misleading, information was used to procure it; or that it was modified to include false information.

And the intent must be to use such a false or improperly obtain document to deceive someone.

Using a fake passport to apply for something or using a fake driving licence to identify oneself as being over 18 when one isn’t for example would be an offence. As would having someone else’s passport in one’s possession with the same improper intention.

HQAC making their own member cards and issuing instructions to Stations that such a card can be used to ID a CI isn’t a problem at all.


I agree to all that you have said!
What I am saying is they have to be careful. If the card they have produced resembles a Service ID, they would have problems if someone tried to use it as a Service ID.
If it clearly says membership card, then they will not be worried. But then it is pointless, as cadets have their 3822 that performs that role!!

Ah, but for a period between basically running out of the old 3822s and getting the current batch delivered, they did no necessarily have a 3822. We were advised only to issue them if the cadet had a specific need so as to preserve the small stock we had.

The squadron may have been trying to provide something that HQAC could not, or they could have just been playing around with the idea. I don’t know.

Filling gaps left by HQAC! That’s a surprise!!:roll_eyes: