Squadron Identification Badges

Hi everyone. My Wing has just forwarded an email stating that HQAC will no longer process orders for Squadron Identification badges, and that units will have to order them directly themselves (and also foot the bill)!
The email stated that this has happened because some Squadrons were not returning invoices for payment. I understand that Sgt Badger is annoyed by this and I have found him to usually be quite reasonable, but the message seemed very rushed and a little bit angry. I wonder if HQAC have thought of the financial implications for units, especially those who are already overstretched as it is.
Do people think it’s fair that we should now foot the bill for something that has (as far as I remember) been provided by HQAC?

I had to wait for 11 months to get some new badges. The reason for this was because the company had refused to process new orders due to outstanding bills - those bills were outstanding because some units are apparently incapable of following a relatively simple process.

Involving HQAC always seemed like a bit of a waste of time to me. Ordering directly from the manufacturer (and having the badges sent straight to a relevant address) is easily the most efficient method and if that means that units have to personally pay what will be a small bill then so be it. The ordering squadron becomes directly liable to the company for payment of the bill, in advance I assume, so there will be no similar knock-on effect to other squadrons due to the badmin of others.

The point that the badges should be centrally funded is one I agree with though - I would hope that some sort of chit would be in place so that copies of invoices can be sent to HQAC and units reimbursed for the cost of these badges.

I do hope that our single source of these badges has been given a list of approved units and formats to prevent some units deciding they want their unit number in roman numerals, incorrect use of “F” by squadrons 1-50 who’ve lost it, or for a DF what wants to have “DF” on theirs.

CCF badges have never been centrally funded. You will probably not get your funding back…

I wish there were a standard format for CCF RAF badges, mind you.