Squadron footprint

I am slightly confused about the difference between a squadron footprint and an extended squadron footprint.

What is the difference?

What can you do in them?


Squadron footprint is the area of your Squadron, so everything inside your building/within your gates etc.

Extended squadron footprint is an area very close by your squadron that you have permission to use for squadron parade nights. So for example, in my sqn we have a hall on the other side of the road that we have permission to use. Our squadron is our squadron footprint and the hall is our extended squadron footprint. At least that’s my understanding.

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Pretty much, but EUFs are still a fairly small area around a squadron. Use of land further away would either be classed as TOPL (training over private land) or a DTE ( a defence training estate), which require extra paperwork/permission or booking through the JSP 907 :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty much this. EUFs are areas considered within walking distance (of your Sqn HQ) that have been inspected and authorised for use without additional activity paperwork each time you use it. It allows you to use an area on a parade night as if it was inside your fence.

It’s not a separate process from TOPL and would typically include a TOPL application as you still need permission from the owner - a concept that confuses the heck out of councils when you ask for their permission to use a PUBLIC park (and then worries them when they read the form and it mentions things like “tracked vehicles” and “ammunition”).

The purpose of an EUF is to allow you to do things with minimal fuss that need a bit more space or different type of space than you typically have available. It’s not a great experience trying to put up bivvies without trees, or micronavving around a 4-space car park with three spaces occupied.

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Shame they have to be so close, as we (and no doubt other CCFs) would be happy to be part of the EUF of our local ATC unit so they could just turn up and play whenever. As it is they have rather a nice bit of woodland next door belonging to the Army so they are well looked after, but they look likely to be turfed out of both over the next few years, sadly, for housing.

Previously, when EUF was a fieldcraft thing, it ws slightly differnt and we got away with driving distance.

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