Squadron Banner - what design to go with?

Hi All,

I’m looking to source the appropriate design for a new Squadron banner - specifically the text/font and scroll layout.

As you are aware the regulations are pretty poor with regards to specification and from the many different versions out there the manufacturers seem to have their own interpretation.

Against the norm i’m looking to avoid the Cadet Direct style of design with the flat scrolls and incorrect colours. Does anyone have any pictures of the old style banner which had curved scrolls? The version that Cadet Kit Shop sells is a bit better looking but i’m not convinced that the scroll ends and text are correct.

I guess this is all open to interpretation.

Cheers for any assistance offered

We used Newton Newton Flags for ours. Did a great job! Will need to pay for it ours was in the region of £800 for the silk, pike and case

I would definitely recommend Newton Newton flags for correct colours/design and they offer options for the curved scroll instead of the flat one.


Thanks for the advice everyone

I’m in the position where an external party has agreed to supply the banner for free but they want to use a particular local manufacturer (which is not one of the big firms who normally supply ATC banners) so I’m effectively having to supply them them with the original design. Hopefully I can convince them to go with an alternative supplier to save me the work but we will see. The “local firm” does do outstanding work as they have completed a number of hand sewn banners for local organizations which I have seen up close.

I have made a few inquiries with Newton and Newton and they do make their ATC banners in two colours - the correct Pantone “Azure Blue” 549C and also the “make your eyes bleed” blue :slight_smile: so it seems you need to decide on that when you order.

I’ll post their sample designs up they sent over as it may be useful for future reference.

Just in case it has been lost or not noticed, The ATC’s official guidance for banners is now hidden in the Personnel Instructions!

ACP20, PI108, Annex C

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Of course it is, sounds sensible!

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It has also been replicated in here now as well:


It seems to be updated regarding a colour…
I wonder is Cadet direct know the caribbean blue colour they sell
is wrong and will they change it… somehow I don’t think so…

Part VII, para 1.m is interesting… alluding to the use of a wing/Sqn badge instead of the ATC…
Since this was last updated in 2016… I wonder if their badging policy has been implemented…

In a word… No.

The whispers are that it will only be applicable to those badges which have been approved by the College of Arms.

Don’t they only have influence/jurisdiction in England and Wales?

Ah, well now… That I couldn’t tell you off-hand.