Squadron Band Email Address?

Evening all,
We’re starting a band - hoorah! Is there any way of having a ‘band.XXXX@aircadets.org’ email or is that sort of thing restricted to wings and regions?


There seems to just be wing and region band accounts. I believe that if they wanted to have a squadron band account then their policy states they need to create one for every squadron.

Oh. Nevermind then, thanks for the reply!

Just set up a gmail one. We appear to be way behind in IT

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Good plan.

That plan may not go down so well with the GDPR police.

Are both the band email addresses in your wing already taken? How about all of your role accounts for the unit?

Not sure about the role accounts. Does anyone have a list? I can’t get onto bader until at least Monday

Just use the general squadron email and enstruct people to put “BAND: blah blah” as the subject header.

Don’t really want it cluttered with the general squadron crap though, that’s the thing

There is a bit of nettiquette here

.org is intended for charities and not for profit organisations - the squadron isn’t one.

GDPR isn’t a problem if your Civcom has a policy and your OC isn’t leaned on.

I recommend avoiding the ATC offered sqn extentions as they enable all your email to be monitored by third parties and that is a GDPR breach!

I get your point, but what’s that got to do with general squadron stuff cluttering an inbox…

The role accounts are: OC. Adj. training. Snco. Chair. Secretary. Treasurer. , so apart from the general xxx@aircadets.org there aren’t any others at Sqn level.

I would seriously caution against using external email services, for security reasons more than GDPR.

far less about GDPR, or security HQAC will not like you having contact with Cadets via a email platform they don’t control.
emailing Cadets? make sure there is a @aircadets.org email address in the loop.
the easiest way is to send from one of those addresses, the alternative is to always copy one in (but that then fills up/clutters accounts you can’t/don’t want to use for whatever reason.

HQAC and the CoC will shout “Safeguarding” at those persons who don’t use @aircadets.org email addresses, it won’t matter what system it is, there is not “auditable” route to see email conversions should accusations be posed against someone.
as discussed here it wont matter how secure the system is you use, HQAC will sooner or later insist that emails that are not @aircadets.org are closed and shut down.

Lets see what changes some when we move from role-based accounts to personal accounts. It might be easier to assign role identities/aliases within a specific format.

I’ll still go with a gmail account . I know of very senior officers using private email address to send items out when bader is down . It’s a band. I mean we can’t even offer cadet.mail to Cadets it’s not the first time I’ve had to send information at last min to their own accounts

The number of arguments I’ve had that sending emails from the general account which anyone can access is less auditable than staff sending emails from their own accounts just astounds me. Can’t wait for everyone to have personal accounts like a real organisation!

can you explain this as I dont understand what you are saying…

I think the suggestion is that you cannot associate an email with an individual if we are using shared accounts.

This is true, but you will have a formal audit trail in the approved email system that records some details and will tie it down to an account and source, if not an actual person. The email trail will also be accessible to this organisation.

It’s easy to sign an email with someone else’s name, especially with a shared account where multiple people could feasibly use it.

i deny that - but not sure how that is relevant…