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Hi all,

I know it’s a bit random as we can’t do any activities at the moment but thinking ahead. If the Squadron wanted to do a BBQ and sports day (rounders, 5-A-Side that type of thing, just fun nothing serious). Do we need to have a Sports Leader or can it be done with just normal staff?

What does your RA say for doing rounders?

Who wants a barbecue after August?? That’s the main question here :rofl:

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just get on with it (when the country presses play again)

Needs must :rofl:

That’s the answer I was hoping for. :smiley:

Often the best time

Today would have been a great day for a BBQ if there was any meat on the shelves and i could invite people around…

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Seems others have had the same idea.

This is why my default emotion is “I hate people”.


We had a BBQ today. Kids loved it…

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I have a load of Burgers in the freezer from last Summer. Would be rude not to allow my beautiful Webber to see some daylight if only to feed me!

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Surely,those burgers are spoilt by now

I’ll take galloping gut rot over Corona virus! :wink:

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