Sqn Owned Vehicles & Fuel Cards

Do any of you who have Sqn Owned Vehicles have a fuel card? If so with who?

If not, how do you keep your fuel topped up without your staff being out of pocket?



Don’t have a fuel card, but have an account with our local fuel station. They have the vehicle reg, and submit an invoice to our sqn each month.

Doesn’t help if they are long distance and need to fuel up, but good if they get in the habit of fueling after an event.

Have a fuel card with shell who send monthly invoices

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In my wing, Fuel Genie seems to be the card of choice for Sqns.

We use Allstar I think.

The school minibus uses allstar

We don’t have a fuel card, the Civilian Committee don’t mess about with reimbursement though! (Submit receipt to me, I scan and email to the treasurer and they pay directly into the bank)

FuelGenie for us. Just need to make sure you go to a filling station that accepts it…

Makes a lot of sense to have a fuel card - fuel genie we used as it is accepted at Morrisons. Cant see any reason to pay inflated Shell prices, as it does not affect the level of reimbursement.

Also speaking as a Treasurer, i see no reason why CFAVs should use their own money – they give enough in time, dont you think!

And even if the Civcom is prompt at paying, copies of receipts are technically from the HMRC and VAT perspective.

I think we used a fuel card when we first had an SUV 10 years ago - there are authorised users of the card (in line with ACP10 guidance), and payments are handled directly by the Civcom. Receipts can be held at the Unit for collection, and verified against the monthly statement.

I am surprised at this latent interest!

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We have an Allstar card for our SOV.

We went many years with a couple of the staff paying and then getting reimbursed, but the card is so much easier.
The treasurer is very happy with having it - makes it easier for him.