Sqn mailing lists - am I missing something?



It seems like an “obvious” feature for Bader to support some kind of sqn-based mailing list, which would do something like the following:

  • Manage four mailing lists (cadets, parents, staff, civcom)
  • Automatically populate mailing list from SMS (failing that to allow the Adj to manage this lists - adding and removing people as necessary)
  • GDPR etc compliant
  • Staff and CivCom able to send emails to the list
  • Hide email addresses from recipients
  • Sender of email gets responses

And yet, it seems that all we are able to do is create mailing lists in each Outlook account. This means that every time someone joins or leaves, everybody who has a mailing list needs to add/remove names.

Am I missing something? Is there an easy way to create and share mailing list(s) for the Sqn in Bader?

How do you do it?


I use the Reports:
Contact Sheet - for cadets / committee
Next of Kin - for parents


I hold a spreadsheet and copy all I intend to send it to into the bcc box, then only I have all the email addresses.

But if there was a SMS based system, I would use it in a flash!!


Wasn’t an ‘Email from SMS’ functionality published by the support team some time ago as a future feature.
Along the lines of the bulk qual adds - ie select cadets and then select email and email window opens with addresses populated

Or was it wishful thinking in a dream…….:thinking:



There’s more chance of you having a night out with Princess Diana then this happening any time soon.


The ability to email from SMS is linked to the re-design of the Activities module I think…

Development Blog Entry - SMS - Emailing Cadets & Staff


Does it require logging into email?
One of the biggest pita is logging into one thing and then having to log into another part. Don’t have to do it at work and never understood why we have to in the ATC, failing MOD security.