Sqn Ldr Diana Bird on BBC News

Typing as I watch…

Absolutely enthralled listening to this Officer and the interpreter, explain the pain of the evacuation from Kabul.

Leading a team, including many young service personnel as young as 19…

Thank you, all of you, for your service.


Evacuation, a 3 part series, starting this Sunday 9pm Channel 4.

“If you were asked to go to an unknown area, for an unknown period of time, to carry out an unknown task - how many would you need in your team…?”

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Added to my Watch List

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I doubt that they will be mentioning those of us who were part of the civilian part of Op Pitting. The original plan was to use civilian aircraft with medical teams on board until the security situation coallapsed, we then went to a hub and spoke operation working the Dubai to UK leg. This change happened following our first team going into Kabul.

The RAF have never acknowledged the civilian contribution to the operation. Very much a look at us situation.


Cheers bob - you’re right, I for one had no idea of the civvie involvement!

Can’t wait for the series to be aired - would be nice to see the record corrected in the programme…

The RAF have very tightly controlled the narrative. I’ve not heard from my old boss, and she would have been contacted by them to make this programme, and she would have been in contact with the people involved in the teams.

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Just started watching episode 3.

Yes the narrative and reporting is predictably RAF focused, but the content is still startlingly frank.

“Taking 18 & 19 year olds on what almost amounted to a 6th form field trip!”

Hats off to everyone involved.