Sqn broadband supplier and costs

Our FTTC broadband is supplied by BT. They charge £38/month and are raising prices by 9% in April. This is just for the 30Mb broadband, no voice calls.

This seems a really bad deal. Anyone able to suggest better value suppliers that they use?

Try Plusnet which is BT’s no frills brand and we’re used it without any issues at work (we do have a business not residential line for it though)

Our Sqn has a business line as well unfortunately, which seems to push the costs up significantly. I don’t know if we get any benefit from business vs residential line though.

I’ve used Plusnet at home before, who were fine. I’ll put them on the list for the committee to check.

I’m using Plusnet at Home, £23 month for unlimited FTTC, and get the speed they estimated for the area. Was with EE previously who were similar price and speed.

Thankfully very lucky at Squadron as RFCA have an office in the building and let us piggy back on their connection for nothing.

Business generally is about better support and fix times from my understanding.

We recently switched to Plusnet via Uswitch, up to 66mb unlimited. Min guaranteed on our line is about 54 I think.

Including line rental but no calls. £24/month I think it was.

That’s really useful. The committee are looking into it now. Hopefully we can save £200 or so per year.

I would also suggest Plusnet. We have been with them for many years at the squadron. When the contract is due for renewal, just ring them and they will happily re-contract you at their new customer price.

If you are in a 5G area with Three Mobile I would suggest their unlimited 5G mobile broadband. It’s about the same price as a FTTC connection, but you can get speeds of 400mb+ ! It comes with a router and everything a normal broadband connection would.

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I’m currently using a 4G router at home. It can comfortably handle 4 people working solidly, or, more often, 2 working whilst the kids are streaming media and gaming.

It’s £20 per month for unlimited data on Smarty - which piggybacks the Three network. And they are about to launch their 5G service… So I’ll need to buy a new router - but the speeds will be worth it!!

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I just had a look at coverage and the Sqn’s out of the 5G area unfortunately. I like the idea though. Maybe in a few years when it reaches us.

How the other half live! I need to be on WiFi to send as much as a text message here in my town.

I can also vouch for Plusnet. Their router isn’t the best, but price wise I don’t think they can be beaten for a business plan. The other thing to look at though is if there are any local companies supplying business plans. May sound odd but there seem to be some small local companies that have contracts with openreach that can someone out-price the likes of Plusnet, BT etc.

Ahhh. We don’t have a phone line any more. Our Country Estate is too far from the exchange we could only get a 0.8Mbps connection on a good day. This seriously inhibits a person’s access important things… Like Netflix.

To be fair, I’m thinking of going to a 4 / 5G connection at home. Parents have done so for about three years now, and I was sceptical at first, but it has worked very well. They have just upgraded their router, and Father Christmas supplied them an external 4 / 5G aerial which has further improved their connection, now better than my home fibre connection.