Spreadsheet Progressive Syllabus

Good evening, just wondering if there is such a thing on Sharepoint as a spreadsheet that each Sqn can use to keep a record of everyone’s progression? Thought I would ask if there was or if someone had created one before I look at best way of keeping track!!

Many thanks.

ACP12 is a paper version which is also available through Serco Graphics at Cranwell. I don’t know of any good templates but a word of warning about spreadsheets - unless you’ve got someone keeping on top of it, I’ve found that they tend to not update it as it’s too much effort.



What would be handy is a spreadsheet that auto updates linked to SMS. Lovely! It could then auto-run a monthly report so we know what’s changed and areas lacking in cadet training.


That sounds amazing!!

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To be fair a summary matrix within sms would be awesome

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Poor @james_elliott !

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Now there’s an idea!

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I got a massive chart laminated on the wall for filling out with chinograph pencils. Took me ages to get it all down and then a few cadets left leaving gaps where I’d rubbed them out, I took a week off for a holiday and it was instantly out of date… it turned out to be hopeless.

So we have a spreadsheet on one drive but this means the poor adj has another item to fill each time we add a qual. And we’re only human so inevitably things get missed.

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Meh it’s fine, I get to say no a lot :grimacing:


You’re very polite about it though.


Yes there is one. I can’t remember where I found it now but it is on share point. Been using it for 5 years. We print it off onto A3. Use for all training.

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Ooh thank you I shall have a travel through sharepoint later on today

If I recall correctly it’s in the training officers subsite under PTS.

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I created one on excel, for both classifications and badges, but as already pointed out, it needs constant review and updating. Although saying that, exams only happen once a year and badges, once you get Bader records up to date, are easy to update.
I found SMS ok but you can’t take a glance and see how the whole unit are doing.
I have also created a staff equals spreadsheet, which works well.
Willing to share if anyone is interested.

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Interesting strategy

That’s the normal way of doing things isn’t it?

I don’t think it’s ever been a “normal way” of doing them.

In the old days of paper exams there were two opportunities plus resits. First exams in whichever month it was (March and also something later in the year) and then resits in May if I recall.

Since the introduction of Ultilearn Sqns have been left to decide their own approach to training and assessment but I think that the most common, or ‘normal’ way is to let cadets take the assessments whenever they are ready.

A spreadsheet which updates from SMS would seem like a good idea on the surface until one considers that instead we could have a report generated and displayed right there within SMS and not worry about linking the data to external spreadsheets.

The one area that SMS really lags is in the ability to generate useful reports.


We do exams in feb and sept so within a 12 month window they sit 3 exams

We made up a couple of spreadsheets, one for the tracking of the classifications and another for the badge system. They both work well and give us an accurate overview of what stage everyone is at. The classification tracker breaks each subject down to the LO so we also know who has any gaps to fill before they sit an exam. Yes they do rely on being kept up to date but this information is fed to the Training Officer at the end of each night.

On the exams front we allow each class to sit them straight after they finish a certain subject.