Spot the errors

This came up on my Facebook adverts as an RAF officer uniform for hire. So many errors, what can you find? (I know it’s a fancy dress one so don’t expect it to be right so this is just for fun rather than getting cross at incorrect uniform)

One of the loss obvious ones (and I may be wrong) it’s that he’s got the King’s crown on his wings but the Queen’s crown on his cap badge

I’ve seen that advert as well - I struggled to find anything right with it!! :mrgreen:

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Do the arm patches denote he’s a three bladed helicopter pilot?

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The simplest description of this disaster is that it is maybe an old RAF SAC’s No1 dress uniform which has been additionally-ranked as Fg Off.

Both the flying brevet and the Offr’s cap-badge (on an OR’s SD peak cap) are pre-1952 King’s Crowns. The buttons look to be unpolished brass, pre-staybrite (in fact it looks like a mismatched pre-1972 jacket).

Another weird factor is that the bearded ‘model’ appears to be wearing a stone/KD shirt…yet it has white cuffs…?

At least he has no shoulder eagles. Presumably it has been done, deliberately as a wind-up, by someone taking the proverbial…

(ps to be super-picky, he’s actually wearing No2 dress trousers, with a belt…there’s no way he’s wearing best blues trousers with braces)

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Well at least nobody could mistake him for a real serviceman! They’ve probably done it on purpose so nobody tries to properly walt it up!

That means his rank is senior aircraftman.

It’s costume hire and I very much doubt anyone hiring it cares and neither should we.

I’ve hired costumes and if anyone thought I and anyone else dressed up was who we were dressed up as, they need some very strong medication and a lie down in the dark.

It could be said that the cadet forces are one big fancy dress party from the top of the tree down.

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