Hi has anyone ever been on a sports camp please for a week can you please tell me what to expect as I’m due attend 7day camp in cosford next week

Has it been advertised as a sports camp? I’ve never heard of one before, which wing is it?

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One night at sports camp…

Yes it says Multi Activity Sports Orientated Camp Running [snipped dates]

The Camp Will be held at RAF Cosford

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You are going to have very nice accommodation in the new Astra Block. It will need looking after though.

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That the new block they built for Cadets or one of the refurbed blocks?

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Its a brand new block build to bring in young people and teach then STEM on a RAF station. Nothing to do with RAFAC, not for RAFAC, just for young people from local schools. Did I say this facility has nothing to do with a certain uniformed youth organisation with strong links to the RAF. It cost a shed load of money and is not for the RAFAC and I mean a shed load.


Interesting, will have to have a look.

Hi, yes this camp was created with the intention of being a sports camp, the first ever in the corps and potentially one to continue.
Sports orientated camps will be a regular occurrence for No2Welsh (the camp was organised by us this year!) hopefully we will see them happen in other wings soon.