Sport Medals

I have been selected to represent my wing in several different sports this year and have come away with multiple little medals handed to us in small, clear plastic, folders about an inch in diameter. I am not sure if its only my region that does this (wales and west) but I was wondering if their is anything I can do with them, put them on my uniform etc.? I have a sqdn t-shirt used mainly for sporting events that has my wing blue and flashes on.

Cdt McNulty

HI Cdt McNulty. Firstly well done for being selected to represent your wing. Medals are usually handed out at these events. Unfortunately I don’t think of anything else you can do with these other than hang them up at home, and be proud of your achievements. You’ve got your wing blue and flashes so that’s about all you can show off with.

What I would suggest is getting them engraved with details of the event as you’ll look back at them in years to come and forget what they were for.
Our son got medals for football and athletics and our youngest daughter for athletics, we have got them engraved with name, year, event and placing. Even now just a few years on they look at them and the info envokes memories.
It irritates me that sport doesn’t get some sort of recognition on uniform in some way. I’ve had cadets for whom it’s their abiding interest and yet there is nothing to indicate their ability and success.

We are already going a bit scouty with this Blue/Bronze/Silver/Gold Badging we don’t need more on Uniform!

Besides as the original Poster has commented Wing/Region/Corps Blues are usually work on Sqn T-Shirts/Hoodies and are shown off that way instead.

Im currently looking at getting Sqn Blues made up as a way of encouraging cadets to take part in Inter-Squadron Events.

We’ve done sport since day one of the Corps and it’s probably the only one of what I would regard as a core activities that has never had some some sort of uniform based recognition. Even if it was for only for Wing, Region or Corps representation, in whatever, it would indicate their success.
The other apparel options aren’t used when you get some ‘brasshat’ around and for cadets who are heavily involved in sport, no one would know. A badge to indicate representation would initiate a question.
I agree with ott approach to badges we seem to be going into.

Just to play devil’s advocate, but… we are supposed to be one big happy ACO family. Badging has mostly been aligned between CCF and ATC (with the exception of marksmanship, which I don’t understand).

CCFs don’t do sport…

Good idea - thanks I’ll do that. I have a wing blue, a regional blue and a national winner’s medal and it seems so sad that there’s nowhere on my brassard to show that I’m a national winner! It was hard work to get there!