Speke Sqn - minibus stolen / building ransacked!

There are some real scum in the world to do this. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sorry to hear this, what a shame :frowning:

Yeah I saw this too, it’s been shared loads on social media and I do hope they get it back and the thieving [CENSORED] get caught. But I can only imagine that the bus in in parts by now or burnt out somewhere :frowning:


I would have them shot.

Sadly, most likely to be people with prior knowledge. The number of times this happens and its ex cadets or disgruntled staff.

Again, and to think they moved 7F (1st City of Liverpool) squadron there in a forced amalgamation who were based in a secure TA barracks. All the work of the short lived last Wing Commander. Not a bright idea meethinks.


Wrong thread methinks… :wink:

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Indeed Mike have just posted a comment about the burglary

Not well liked, if I recall from conversations with my Scouse informant…


My comments are not printable. He worked for RFCA introducing CEP, say no more, he destroyed with others my old Squasron.


He tried shotgun another two squadrons but I don’t know if he was successful before his short and undistinguished reign came to a close. I and others tried to fight this even involving politicians who were snowed by the ACO from HQAC downwards

An arrogant little man.

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Second time on 12 months after the move from and a merger from a TA centre with very high railings.

Gutted to hear about this - really sick of reading about squadrons being targeted like this, utter scum.

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Second time in 12 months for the same bus, and trashed a very specific area of the sqn, where the keys where likely kept, definitely seems to be targeted.

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Perhaps they should get an alarm fitted…

Better get it properly authorised…


Our minibus was stolen too.

Turns out it was teenagers from 10 miles away. Opportunists. Targeted a house being renovated and we were over the back fence.

They got reported when seen spraying out our signwriting. They also sprayed over the magnetic sign on the back door. Not the sharpest tools in the box.

Sorry to hear about this. It causes a lot of aggro

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I understand that the minibus has been found now.

Pity they didn’t move 90 squadron to Aigbuth TA centre then.

Why are people not using multiple wheelclamps and a secondary immobiliser, whilst not perfect it may slow the scum down or stop them altogether.

Maybe we have the same Scouse Friend :smiley:

Wait…they were in a TA centre but moved to a hut that was an easy target for thieves?

I’m Glad they got their bus back but how long before it’s taken again? I’m guessing who ever stole it left it somewhere to come back for it in a few days? But still their Sqn was ransacked by scrotes :frowning: hope it’s all fixable and the community comes together to help them rebuild so to speak…