Specific Problem With Shoe Polishing

So I’ve been polishing my shoes I’ve redone them as they are new. I’ve added like 10’ish base layers let it dry and now come to going over it with the cold water and cloth. Now here is were I’m stuck. You can see in the photo there is still streaks which I believe are slight different levels in polish. Should I continue longer with the cold water and cloth. Or move onto adding small layers of polish and water and hope it goes away?

Edit: Also if neither of those are good options any suggestions?

From the photo, it seems to me that you just need to quickly brush some of the bits of dirt off the shoe and apply several more layers of polish. However, the crease in the toecap looks like it could present a polishing issue in future.

Brush polish on / off to clear the top cap. Start again with polish / water - sparingly.

As to the creased area, nothing you can do about it.

How should i add more layers with my fingers or a cloth as at this point me fingers are leaving the marks

I would advise doing it with a cloth, as it can be pretty difficult to get right with your fingers.

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Continue witha damp cloth/cotton wool ball with thin layers. You should see a difference within 10 minutes

If you’re using a petroleum based polish (e.g. most budget brands, including Kiwi) then don’t use bare fingers as it’s carcinogenic. If you don’t want to ruin a good polishing cloth layering up, use an old rag (such as a ripped up t-shirt) or wear a latex glove.

I did not know this. TIL.

I guess that’s one to add to the “Uniform Prep” risk assessment :laughing:

So I’ve come to the conclusion that’s it’s because I can’t get a smooth base layer no matter what I use it’s always ridiculous scratched and when I polish it shiny they are still present and I just have no idea what to do. I’ve heard of a lighter to fill gaps or whatever but idk I’m still stuck.

Continue with a damp cloth/cotton wool ball to build thin layers polish
You should see a difference sooner or later