SpaceX Starship - Integrated Flight Test 3

Space X planned to be going for test number 3 today.
Launch window between 1300-1450

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So glad I’ve decided to work from home today =D
Live stream on the TV, work laptop on my lap

Excited for this - hoping they make orbit this time!

Orbital-Ish :laughing:

That was awesome. Feel like a right little nerd watching it on my phone up a mountain :nerd_face:


Looks like they’ve made some significant progress since the last test.
Even though they lost the booster, it seems to have made it most the way to landing


Fantastic progress - now we wait to see how re-entry goes!

It was always going to get destroyed anyway. To get it back down to sea level with almost full control is pretty awesome! That’s more than any booster of that size had done before, as normally thet just dump them uncontrollably!

The live video of the ship coming back into the atmosphere with the heat glow was insane. Never seen anything like it.


I am truly looking forward to where the next test launch goes.

Plenty of data from this one. Loved watching the reentry.

The booster looked to start to roll uncontrollably, so probably destroyed by control.

I suspect so.
I believe Starship was lost on re-entry too

But still further than they got in the past and further than they expected to get this time round too

Just look at how F9 is doing these days. That all started with similar tests, and lots of blowing up.

They’re on their way to getting it right I think. I can’t wait for the day the manage to re-enter a starship, then land it on its feet!

Yep, they’ve made it pretty much routine with F9

I reckon a couple more tests and they will have it sorted.

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Falcon 9 has already completed 24 missions this year- it runs like clockwork
reliable, low cost (relatively speaking) and man rated.

The Starship/Superheavy combination has the potential to deliver a dramatic increase of payload capability for SpaceX - remember that at Boca Chica these boosters/ships are rolling off a production line.
The Saturn family took a considerable length of time to reach the Apollo Saturn 5 - with more resources and money.

And they were completely disposable… rather than the potential to reuse booster after booster

This is the big bit that a lot of people are missing.

Truly stunning!! :star_struck:


I’m so excited for this new era of space travel that’s coming

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We just need a Zefram Cochrane to come along now and my childhood dreams will start coming true!

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