Space X launch

Launch in 10 min.


Fantastic stuff

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It sure was - although the live feed from the ship dumped just before the first stage landed back!

Absolutely awesome :rocket:

Such a shame Britain gave up on its space programme.

Makes me wish I actually went to uni as planned to study astrophysics :sleepy:


Some text

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Well done to all…
No mean feat getting a new spaceship off the ground!

What do you think of the spacesuits?
I thought they were a rip off from some dodgy tv show.

There is still plenty of space related activity going on in the U.K.

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Get wiff it man, they are kool!!

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Aren’t they just an updated version of the shuttle pressure suits but in white as their is no bailout option?

I get the feeling I might end up watching the right stuff tonight.

According to mikes link above it’s a full new design

Like the new cadet space syllabus!!! Oh wait…

[Cynical? I’ve been hanging around this forum too long]

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Elon said in an interview he took iron man as an inspiration for them

I know, but it’s not quite as exciting as manned space flight is it?

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Need to sort my current career path put before I start mucking around with that kind of stuff

My son is adamant they were wearing wellies


Probably were…million dollar wellies

Also on a relevant side note…Space Force on Netflix is awesome!


Maybe that’s a new source of income plan…

Move over Barbour:
Tough as wellies, Cools as sandals and feels like slippers ideal for all your music festival needs


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Just seen on teams that the launch date is 9th June with comms coming just before launch

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It’s a Training Tuesday…

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