Space syllabus badge


I’ve been digging, only found one image of a space badge on another thread. Has anyone actually seen one printed on an actual badge, not just a render.


I believe they’ve not begun distributing or issuing physical space badges yet🤔

We were told the start of 2023, I for one haven’t heard anything else through official channels since

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Just alter this one slightly. RAF Space command badge.


To be fair, remove the brevet wings & it would work.

You would just to have a synthetic trainer to get bronze or above first though.


Gold Badge requires the Cadet to join Space X as a Test Pilot for a year.


I haven’t heard definitively where they were going to place the badges as well. I imagine that the badges will release in each area when they get the silver space training with cadets getting Silver on that course and blue and bronze following on from that.