Space badge possible position on brassard

Does anyone know where the space badge may go on the brassard (I think it should replace parachuting)

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I think this is likely.
But I also wouldn’t hold your breath - we’ve been waiting for the badge to be given it’s position for at least 2 years.


Can’t even blame the RAF team for taking too long to update AP 1358C as now it’s out own ACP…

There’s a short thread from last year on the space badge.

However I’m not sure if the syllabus has been sorted yet or the badge designed. I certainly don’t know what is required above blue.

Where the parachute badge use to be is logical but then I’ve heard that there are people wanting other special interest PTS badges such as field craft or drill.

I suspect that the position won’t be know until it has been designed & the dimensions confirmed as that will dictate where it goes. Saying that with the need to cut costs there may not be a badge at all.

AFAIK the badge order has been made, as of Dec last year.

I’ve just read that actually the badges have arrived at HQ, just waiting on an update to the dress regs before releasing them…


I think the syllabus is available up to silver on the Training Hub, with good being released Q2 this year supposedly.

(I’ve never seen or done it, just from what I’ve heard)

i could have sworn i saw the HQAC proposal for space badge placement and the cadet proposal posted somewhere but I cant seem to find it

it was still keeping the parachuting badge in its current position which may have hinted a return in later years but still probably unlikely

Blue & Bronze courses are available on the Training Hub. Silver will be released alongside a Space BTEC at some point. The module names for Silver have been released - but no course content. There is also a poster you can download - that also shows the above badge in Blue, Bronze & Silver format. I have been reliably informed that Gold will come along eventually as a Space Instructor Badge.

I’d heard that they’d arrived at Region. About a year ago.

Why isn’t this simply a RAFAC version of the RAF Space Operators badge? Talk about a missed opportunity. As an added bonus, you wouldn’t need to find space on the brassard for the Srar Trek wings: they’d go on the jumper and PCS shirt.

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Has been suggested previously.

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It would be really inconsistent to go with modified RAF wings for flying and not for space.

Similarly, as with the parent service, the same badges should apply to RPAS as for crewed aircraft.

even without the feathered wing (cut it off?) this would be a better badge (and following the parent service) vs the one shared above by JoeBloggs

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You could have it without the wing on the brassard at lower levels, with wing on jumpers / PCS shirts for the top awards.

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ill look and see if i can find the possible brassard reshuffle as ive seen it on another thread it had the position hqrafac wanted to put the space baddge

This spells the end for separate Cyber/Comms badges doesn’t it, because from what i’ve heard this space badge is Going on the right of the brassard

From a grainy image off reddit that shows the cyber and radio merging and going where parachuting thats the HQAC proposal where as we want the space badge to simply replace parachuting badge instead of merging and moving badges

This one isnt so grainy!

The cadet propsal is so much better imo


I bet the square badges have already been purchased though, so they need to be able to fit that size in.

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