Social Media Policy

Does anybody know where I can find a copy of the RAFAC Social Media Policy.

I thought it’d be in ACP 50 but apparently not.

This one maybe?

If there’s a more up-to-date one, I can’t find it…

Geez Sharepoint is a mess…

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I’ve struggled to find this in the past too. If it’s not in ACP50 (or any ACP) does that mean it’s policy?

That’s a polite way of describing it. I’d probably be banned if I used the actual language I wanted to.

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It’s under policies:

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Is this the one written by the, err… former person?


So it is, so why when I search for “social media policy” in key documents does it not find it?

Because when it comes to the search function on sharepoint the phrases ‘Chocolate teapot’, ‘waterproof teabag’ and ‘embarrassingly amateur’ spring to mind


I thought social media policy was as much and as often as you like to make it look like you’re doing something.

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Use lots of words to make it seem better and more exciting than it is?

Definitely sounds like a legit HQAC policy.

its particularly poor cause folk save stuff on there thats already on the Documents page such as AV Med form1s. rather than adding it to a Wing Sharepoint page, CFAVs should just be directed to the Forms section on the main Docs page.

There’s also “amended” versions of original documents, like marking schemes with a particular wing or Squadron’s badge and additional text on there.

If individual documents irrelevant to most are on there then they should be hidden unless access is granted. Uploaders should choose who, by role, location, or other criteria can see it.

Risk assessment: public (pay it forward :wink:)
Letter to parents about your upcoming turtle painting event: invited units only (or just don’t put it, because there’s absolutely no need to have it on there…)


As much as I too loathe the poor usage of SharePoint. It is a little off this topic, do you peeps want a split?

As much as I like a whinge, there’s probably little point.

OP has their answer - close it?


I concur.

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