So I screwed up.... Advice needed


thanks for the replies. II’m now closing the thread to try and keep it out of public domain so to speak


You didn’t screw up, you were set up and unfairly vilified.

The joke went too far.


I think it would be a gross overeaction if anyone took offence at this.

You were clearly in a learning environment and weren’t aware what the next slide contained.

I teach on NCO courses in my own wing and this sort of thing comes up fairly regularly and is seen as a joke between the training team staff. Anyone who got offended by this should:

  1. Consider why it was them that you automatically thought of when those qualities were shown on the screen.
  2. Re-adjust their attitude and stop being so pompous.

If other staff are indeed spreading rumours in the way you suggest they need to grow up. Then again you don’t know if they might have been joking about themselves.


I thhink the thing for me is that because of the fact its gone to my CO I would expect that I will likely get pulled in?


The OC might agree with you, you never know.


you were set a straight question and provided a straight answer.
It is not your screw-up, but that of the person running the session, who had not considered carefully what thay had set and the possible replies.


If I were your CO it would to suggest that an important life lesson has been learned. Regardless of the context sometimes it is best to keep schtum.
Imagine if this was some sort of lesson at school would you be so open, if it were about a teacher?


Maybe the person taking the lesson should keep their mouth shut and not slag off the cadet they are meant to be teaching to their own staff member?! Surely it’s best that staff member that was teaching to brought the issue up there and then and move on


Honestly Yes I would have been open if it were a teacher… At the end of the day isnt honesty the best policy?.. The main question I have is what if it were Donald trump or another less vile person than Hitler would it have been such an issue then?

Thinking about it now I ask the question surely the staff defeat their own point as that makes them unapproachable?


As the CO he is likely to side with his MOS rather than a Cadet NCO


true however maybe the staff believed that they were going to take it as a joke?


Obviously not if you’re being brought in to the office by the CO?


Well correct by that I mean the teaching staff thought the MOS would take it as a joke


On the surface maybe, but the OC may have totally different opinion in private.

As a manager in the past I had staff who rotated to my shift and it was always a heartsink moment when they appeared.


True tbh, I would apologize for it as I didnt know but I do feel somewhat guilty… At the end of the day I wouldnt want to be demoted for something which wasnt meant in a malicious way.


On these points:
The first - depending on the scenario that’s either fear or respect. If a MOS walks into a classroom then I would hope the room would go relatively quiet as the lesson is about to begin. If it goes quiet, because otherwise said MOS will go apoplectic then that’s fear (and that MOS needs their head wobbling).

On the second… Well, that’s leadership.

The third… Is an issue if it’s the case. I’ve known many members of staff who take a straight or hardened approach, but through other actions make it clear that they are approachable if you have a problem.

To say that those things instantly make someone a “mini Hitler” is hyperbolic.

Without explaining the context, your response should not have been shared outside of the classroom.

If you’re concerned about being called into the office, then get in ahead and go to see the MOS concerned. If you aren’t comfortable with that then see someone else - maybe or maybe not your OC. With the scenario explained you should be able to get some backing.

If I was your OC I would be contacting the course DS and telling them in no uncertain terms that they have treated you unfairly and they need to reassess their delivery and certainly their subsequent actions.

I have no problem with the odd bait and switch to provoke thought, self reflection, or somesuch positive introspection, but this is too much. That it’s made you anxious means it’s backfired immensely.

You shouldn’t have to worry. Any negative consequences that you experience are not your fault and you need to keep telling your side until you find an ally.


Thankyou and to reaffirm the point ill pose a scenario which happens on a REGULAR occurence.

This such MOS is a NCO… They walk in the Cadet NCO office and everyone goes quiet because we are anxious about how this MOS is with us. They even brag at the fact when they walk in everyone goes quiet. Its not for a lesson it could just be to access another room or to talk to someone however the way they do it is being quiet for two minutes whilst giving us the dirty looks. due to my own personal experiences with being blamed for something to a point of my CO and this MOS shouting at me infront of other cadets which didnt happen, I eventually proved I didnt do such a thing. I only told the truth based off my experiences. Im kinda split. I dont want to be demoted for having a personal opinion of how someone is with us just because they are a MOS


Well that shouldn’t happen.

That’s intimidation.

If that happens, or if you are negatively treated in any way, then you have grounds to raise a grievance in my opinion. If there becomes an ongoing bias against you and a pattern of mistreatment occurs, then that’s bullying.

Tbh it sounds like this MOS is a bully anyway, but they’re allowed to get away with it by the OC.

How’s your sector commander? They would be your next contact to speak to about this if you don’t get the right response from your OC - but you should focus on this situation… For now, at least.


Private messaged you. there are some things I should clarify whihch can’t be made “public”