has now been launched to provide hikers/climbers on Snowdon a dedicated site for information about the conditions at the summit.

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Sadly appears inaccurate - I was on Snowdon a few evenings ago and Sunset was around 21:15BST, therefore as daylight time is reducing sunset cannot be 21:56 today as the website suggests.

Civil twilight on Snowdon today is 21:56, even though official sunset is 21:13

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Perhaps the field should be called ‘Twilight’ then - 43 minutes is a lot of time for walkers on the hills to to get caught out be the fading light.

Agreed. They should use sunset + EECT.

But labelling EECT as sunset is dangerous.

Good catch.
It was indeed using Civil (-6deg)
Fixed to official sunset now.


Good, swift response.

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Excellent - now added as a favourite in my phone