SNCO to Officer Process

My role within the squadron has changed and I have been recommended to apply for a commission. I have two main questions and would appreciate your assistance:

  1. Is there an application process for those wanting to gain a commission from SNCO to RAFAC Officer?
  2. With IOT and SSIC being the same course nowadays, will I need to attend IOT?

Thanks in advance.

You may have been, but do you want one? There’s nothing of importance you can’t do as a SNCO…

How long ago did you do SSIC? That will likely be thing that determines whether you do the new course.


How long ago did you do SSIC?


If you did the seperate SSIC then you have to do the new CIC so based on you doing SSIC in 2021 I would say you will have to do the new course if you choose to commission.

This is correct. CFAVs who complere CIC as SNCO then commission dont have to repeat it jowever those who historically completed SSIC do have to re do CIC

As far as I know, it’s still the joke process of having to a complete application for commission as if you were new to the organisation.

Exactly this based on a CFAV friend of mine in a similar situation.
(In the end the got so annoyed with the process just to change rank slides they jacked it in and stayed SNCO)

Its one form and acp 20 board process in my part of the world.

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Is it the same everywhere or the usual ‘local’ procedures and empire building?

Surely this is just a Pers 1-10 and OC Pen Picture…

P46 not needed as not a new starter and on the HR system.

Think of Pers 1-10 as a change of status form…

Civilian > CI (Join)
Civilian > SNCO
Civilian (U25 Ex Staff Cadet SNCO) > Officer
Staff Cadet > CI
Staff Cadet > SNCO
Staff Cadet > Officer
CI > Officer
SNCO > Officer

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