Snco selection boards

Hi guys

I am looking to progress from CI to Snco.

Could anyone tell me what the interviews are like and how they are structured, what do they ask for example


First question, why?

because they are looking to “progress” from CI to SNCO…clues is in the post!

You miss the point. The first question they’ll be asked in any interview is why do they want to become an SNCO. Therefore it’s a relevant one to ask here. They don’t need to answer it here, but it’s something that will need answering at some point.

The second question is “why SNCO rather than officer?”.


This will be one of the questions.

I would ask why is going to SNCO regarded as progress. What extra do you get from it?

Another question should be what can you do as a SNCO that you can’t as a CI?

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Yes. But why do they want to “progress”

Is staying a CI seen as regressing?

Perhaps simply stagnating.

And why is that?

How is wearing a blue uniform any more progressing?

We need more CIs if anything.

Whether it is seen as progression or not is entirely up to the individual. Perhaps they just see it as time to make a greater commitment to the organisation.

We probably need more staff of any flavour, but only staff who are willing to turn up and be constructive. So long as they deliver it really doesn’t matter too much whether they are CI or uniformed.

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The question of why go into uniform rather than stay as a CI has several answers. Maybe they are interested in Drill, maybe they want to run fieldcraft exercises.

Maybe we could try and be helpful to the poster by giving useful answers. (Yes I’m aware “why?” Is likely to feature in an interview board but in that scenario it will be asked as a query rather than as an accusation).

I’m also interested to learn more. I’m currently a CI in the throws of the commissioning process.

I have many reasons to progress and become an officer, and I do see it as progression. I have a hunger to learn and to give back. Our section is lacking in Officers so in some ways it’s a ‘no brainer’. But it’s also about skills, confidence and respect.

I’d like to understand more about the initial interview and the steps that come after that!


Chat with OC, full in forms, P2 filter interview, OASC, IOT course at Cranwell.
You’ll have one or more pre-uniformed courses depending on your Wing.
Others on here can fill in the detail on OASC etc.


Forms submitted some time ago, interview due in next two weeks…

Iv recently done mine for snco and here’s what I got asked

Tell them about my self and Why would I like to be a snco
I got asked question relation to dress regs and a small amount of drill
About the raf today, what stations in my area are group 1, 2 etc. Current operations
Question about my wing, who’s who and who does what roles
qurastions around safeguarding
Questions about day to day sqn running for expale who do I contact if the building is flooded, what do I do if i would like to plan and organise and event
I also got asked if I had any questions for them so make that a good one!

Hope this helps!

Why not a commission? Then you can answer to make a difference to question 1 of Why?