SNCO No1 Dress

Hi All,

Newly appointed Adult NCO here, just completed my CIC, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get OR No1 Dress either part worn or new, and a rough idea on price?

I am aware there are other various similar threads, however most are outdated (recommending Turner Virr).

Any and all help/advice is appreciated, TIA!

PS. I’ve followed this forum since I joined cadets years ago, however this is my first post on this account, so sorry if I’ve broken any unspoken rules

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Nothing wrong with Turner and Virr and I am sure those who have used them will continue to recommend them.

Sources for 2nd kit can be within your wing, someone selling some off, alternatively eBay is an option I know some SNCOs have used in the past - although available sizes in stock can be hit and miss
there are websites out there like RAF Tunic Jacket which tick a box

as for price anything from £30 second hand to £600 brand new tailored to fit and anything inbetween.

one option I heard people use is simply going to their parent station and asking if they have anything available. there are sometimes uniforms made which are never issued for whatever reason and sit in stores until someone the right size asks…this however is likely to be a rare case but may only cost a packet of hobnobs
I have seen in the Mess at stations adverts for those selling on their No1s which have “shrunk over time” and no longer fit…could also be an avenue although a matched size is pot luck

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Try your WWO?

Ours had a recent initiative from what I think was our parenting RAF unit to go & select (free) part-used / surplus No 1’s from Clothing Stores.

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Try ebay for uniform?


Also these people


Try not to get tunic and trousers separately unless you can’t avoid it, the fabric tends not to match if the two pieces weren’t made together.

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Turner & Virr no longer exist.

Ebay is your friend and so too is your parent station. Failing that, try stores when you go on camp.

I can’t help you with the uniform issue, but welcome to the forum!

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Turner Virr still have an active website. I got my No1 there some years ago. Based in Garforth near Leeds.

Welcome to the forum!

eBay definitely, managed to get a few “hard to find/impossible to get” items…

This is available on Facebook marketplace if anyone wants it.

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One of our new adult SNCOs just asked when getting initial kitting from stores, being young and like a racing snake meant that the stuff from the gash bin fitted fine.

If you’ve had your initial kitting then no harm in calling your parent station stores to see if they will let you have a look for a set. If they do just don’t forget the biscuits!

When does it become too late to go and get your initial kitting?

I’d say never - from an admin perspective surely they have a record of who has and hasn’t actually been kitted yet? A good TEST SNCO will sort that for you…

What about this one, also available on Facebook market place?

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