SNCO Mess Dress rank position

Does anyone know where I can find the measurments for rank positioning on mess dress?

Probably won’t be able to make it to parent station tailor and get them back in time and the ususal suspects aren’t taking postal re-ranking which again could be cutting it fine :slight_smile:
Have tried looking in 1358 and in the chapter on No5 it says as prescribed for No1 but I can’t find specific measurements anywhere in that chapter.

Find the separate badges section in 1358c, I think it’s there

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Pretty sure off the top of my head that it’s on the opposite side on No5s? I may be talking rubbish there though… Just look at image below…

That seems to have specific measurements?


Thats easier to read than my answer!

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Thanks I was looking at the actual AP posted on LASERs sharepoint as that came up first in the search and not the RAFAC specific one

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Right sleeve only, lowest point of the gold chevron 24.1cm (9.5”) from the shoulder seam.


That makes sense then. The screen shot I posted is directly from 1358C under the No 5s bit. :slight_smile:

See also: para 0433

Apparently if it’s worth saying once it’s worth saying twice…

It is worth highlighting that it’s gold chevrons and cloth crown on the right arm only.

@Mike_Bravo, doesn’t matter to this, but you appear to be using a different version.

For anyone else needing info the positions in the future they are described, not in the individual chapters of AP1358 but in Chapter 7 on Distinguishing Badges.

Thanks for all the prompt replies everyone :slight_smile:

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