SNCO course eligibility question

Could I please have some clarification on if there are any limits to going on an SNCO course?

For extra information I was promoted to Cpl in November, did my JNCO course about a month ago. The SNCO course will be in a few months

Some people say I have to wait six months from the JNCO course, others say its dependent on if you’re ready for the course and role

Thanks for any help in advance

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Well, generally speaking you need to be a SNCO…

But i did my JNCO course as cadet, so not a hard and fast rule.

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Varies wing to wing


Some Wings want you to do the course before you get promoted.


We run potential jnco and potential snco then an advanced nco course.

Wanted to help the Sqns and Cadets recieve a level of training before promotion