Snco as OC Sqn with Officers under their command

Why should I be an NCO? What’s the point in sliding across the rank structure like that?

Because your not in the RAF anymore?

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So, given an NCO can also be an exec or run a unit, why be one of them either?

Your logic is because I’m unable to volunteer fully right now, I should abandon it completely? Which planet did you come from?

And yes, I will be that guy. *You’re


I’d hate to put words in @GrandMaster_Flush mouth, but it sounds to me that his reasons are similar to the reason why I chose to go for a commission.

Put simply, I believed that my skillset aligned with the commission route more than it did the SNCO route.

It stands to reason that if you’ve been a regular officer, that skillset has been honed and developed. Why ignore that experience and choose to go the SNCO route?



Because that’s not what GMF wants to volunteer as. Still a part of the RAF family (no matter what some people say), and if being an officer in RAFAC is appropriate to them, that’s the best thing to do.

Wouldn’t force someone into uniform if they didn’t want to be, don’t see how saying the stream of uniform they choose is the “wrong” choice is productive either.
Doesn’t want to be OC as an officer? Fine.
Don’t want to do drill as a SNCO? Fine.

Shaming people for not making the “right” choice in uniform because they don’t want to do that part? Not fine.


The Sgt could also have just completed 30 years in the military, seen it all, done it all and got the T-shirt!

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Now that we have no real links to the RAF, is it possible that the rank system will be phased out ?

No, as we are a Military Youth Organisation, with heavy links to the RAF.

While Officers are no longer commissioned into the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, all Civil Service staff work for the Ministry of Defence, there are also a number of FTRS members of the Royal Air Force Reserve who keep the organisation running.

I’d be interested in why you think we have “no real links to the RAF”

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All adult staff are now RAFAC, we no longer hold Officers to Kings Regulations and have abandoned the RAF dress regs.
We are now our own organisation (for better or worse) and are making up rules as we go along.
I was a MOD civil servant for ten years - I outranked myself !! :rofl:

Following Queens Regulations (Kings are not yet in place) was not applicable for a Cadet Organisation.

I hold a Queen’s Cadet Forces Commission to serve with the RAFAC, my more recently commission fellow officer holds a King’s Cadet Forces Commission.

ACP1358 has been adopted from AP1358C to remove the need of RAF Legal review as is required for an AP, but still requires approve from the RAF Dress Committee.

The RAFAC is part of the RAF, in 22 Group, just like the RAFAT are, or the the RAFR is a separate organisation within the RAF.


MOD civil servants do not hold a rank, tbey have a pay grade as well you know. Equivalent status is for messing and transportation purposes only

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Hate to break it to you, but vrt wasn’t the RAF either, no matter what people think / thought.


I would surprise you who much of an interest 22Gp takes in what the RAFAC does. There is close scrutiny in the RAFAC and ensuring that the RAFAC tows the line and does not cause the RAF reputational damage.
When Joe Public looks at the RAFAC he sees the RAF. He does not know what a CFC or a VR(T) is, He sees Blue and that =RAF


We’ve doing that for the last 90years so no change there really -tis nature of volunteers :grin:

Or rather, adopting policies in line with legislation, guidance, and requirements that aren’t relevant to the RAF, but are to us as a voluntary youth organisation?


This, most the uncomfortable decisions that have been made over the last 24 months or so have been because of this.


Volunteer Reserve element of the Royal Air Force specifically appointed in a cadet training role but no call up role was the term used so read that as you will, but 99% of us our in it purely for the cadet aspect, whilst a minor few were wannabe regular rodneys. Think sea vixen is bored so just stirring a few people up for a giggle. :slight_smile:

Just remember when you pull the pin sometimes the fuze is too short and it blows up back at you :slight_smile:

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prior to the use of AP1358C we used our own book ACP20B so the suggestion that the RAFAC has abandoned RAF Ways is not “new” given a little over 10 years ago we were not bound by an RAF policy using AP1358c

I haven’t seen this in years…
It has me crying with laughter every time I read it

Maybe I’m too easily pleased - or shouldn’t have been promoted beyond Plt Off !!